Two Bugs in a Rug

Over the years I have bought many cat toys that are stored up in the closet while the boys play with the boxes.  I looked at these beds for quite awhile before I finally succomed to what I thought sure was more waste.  But!!!!  It took them about 15 minutes to stick a paw in – like they were testing water.  In an hour Duma was curled up in one and on his way to la-la land.  It took Bronk another hour to try the other one.  The next day they found they could stuff both of them in one bed = one very full bed.  LOL  Since then hey hjave either both been in one or taking a break and each having their own bed.  These beds are worth the money -= they seem to enjoy them, so much!  They are machine washable (if you can get them out of them).

No connection just a very happy cat owner!  Who for once didn’t waste her money. LOL



Carolyn’s Experience with Thread

Carolyn sent me this message yesterday.  I was very pleased and interested in her  in her results!  Thank you Carolyn!

Good afternoon, Suz…I have to tell someone and you are the only person who would know what I am talking about. I recently signed up for a class at my local shop to make the OESD Christmas Village. The first class was Monday and not much was going well. My machine wouldn’t accept the designs, the bobbins weren’t winding well (had to use same thread top and bottom). I was using a Brother NV1600 embroidery only machine, certainly not top of the line but more than sufficient to take to class. So here is where you come in. When I got home, things got worse…I did all the usual…checked the bobbin case, wound the bobbins on a separate device (which I could regulate speed and tension), changed the needle, slowed the stitching speed, checked the plate, etc. After the machine ate the project 2/3 way through 32000 stitches, I went looking for different thread. I found a cone of Admelody that was almost the same color. I ditched the first attempt and started all over this morning. Now, you know how old that thread has to be, but GUESS WHAT!!! Not a hiccup, bump, or pause…only when the bobbin ran low. The designs are stitching beautifully,  my blood pressure has returned to normal and the air has cleared. I am so excited and now looking forward to completing the project. Thank you for having such quality products as well as your designs. You have made my day. The color I am using is 226 and it looks like BFC 2168 is the right one to get, as I am sure I will need more that I have. Thanks again, Carolyn Kenngott Have a great day!!!

Are there really two in there??????

Bronk especially hates to be picked up. Getting him to the vet when necessary is a horrible ordeal.  The Vet suggested we put the carrier down and let them get used to it.  I think they’ve gotten used to it!  This is a normal size carrier for a regular smaller cat.  I don’t know how they’ve managed to stuff their combined 36 pounds in there.  LOL

At first I thought the paw sticking out belonged to Bronk (whose face you see) but that is Duma’s.  I know cats like warm spots, but it’s 87 degrees out today  it has to be really hot in that carrier  LOL

Where are the Instructions?

Though my main purpose in this blog is to showcase the wonderful work of our customers, occasionally I am going to post an *INFO-mercial*. LOL  There are a few things that I notice people keep having trouble with.  Especially when we have a big sale and get a lot of new people.

I couldn’t count the email message I get asking *why don’t you include Instructions? * Or colorcharts.  When you purchase you get an email with links to download your designs.  There are links for the different formats and always on regular sets a file.  This is the file that has all the color charts, templates, instructions, patterns, etc.  Be sure to always get this file along with your designs!  Our smaller sets, like FUNSETS have everything zipped into one zip file.

Especially for me

After creating designs for the website for over 14 years, I occasionally want to do something I want.  LOL  That is how the current Myth and Mystery Lady came to be.  I saw her and just had to create a design like her.  It’s funny, I must not have popular likes and dislikes as usually the designs I like the best don’t sell.  LOL  Hmmm… Maybe I should wonder about that.  No – probably best I don’t.   I will just enjoy her hanging on my wall.

BFC1739 Myth and Mystery

Unique Critters

I’ve always loved unusual looking animals, birds – any wildlife.  I came across these two photos.  The first is of Nubian vultures but I can’t find  out what the second one is.  I would love to know!  I have this awful feeling I want to make designs of both of these critters.  No one might buy them, but they would sure be fun to do!  I can see these on backs of jackets – imagine the looks going on behind you!

I did some searching and found another photo of this bird – but again, it doesn’t say what it is!  LOL

FOUND IT! – and you were close Donnely, a Reddish Egret (Egretta Rufescens)