Genene’s Placemats with Variegated Thread

Genene sent me these placemat pictures because she used our variegated thread:

I used bfc thread to quilt and highlight stitching. It was the perfect thread to compliment this batik fabric.






To be specific, I used the VR 0006 with a hem stitch set at 3.5 on my Brother machine to get the heavier veining down the center and from each big point on the leaf. I used the same thread and a stem stitch at default settings to do the additional veining on the leaf to have a lighter look but adding the varying touch of color. The nice thing is it’s a play with color and light. The longer stitches catch the color more, so you notice that veining first, then your eye goes to the softer touches of color that don’t reflect the light as much. It’s a cool ‘journey’ for the eye. LOL


Jacqueline’s Towel (Pocket ) Topper

From Jacqueline:

My first draft of a kitchen towel using the pocket topper – top is a quilted black, the plaid is cloth, and the backing of the plaid is black terry cloth. The second one will be better – i make something for the Bell Choir at church every year for Christmas

Great idea jacqueline!  I never thought of anything other than pockets. 🙂

BFC31353 Ho-Ho-Ho-OOPS

Sally King Designs

Genene has loved Sally King’s designs right from the beginning and has done most of them!

The first is BFC1065 Sally King’s Leaf Fairy – 2 Versions.  Genene used a pretty green batik for thefirst one and added Embroidery Gliter for the second one.


Sally’s Cupcakes are really fun designs to use.  They of course work for birthdays, but try adding them an apron and other kitchen linens for a bright fun kitchen atmosphere.

BFC1188 Sally King’s Cupcakes Part 1

BFC1199 Sally King’s Cupcakes Part 2