Paula’s Hatching Dragon

Look how beautifully this stitched out. Customer will be so pleased.
Now I can’t wait to do the Dragon Dream Catcher! Thank you for the fabulous designs!!  I am in a booth at a renfair and one of the curtains got mauled and has a hole ripped into it. Their booth theme is dragons so I made this to pin behind the hole so it looks like one of the babies is trying to escape. They will be so tickled!!

Barbara’s Wings take off!

My other embroidery machine took a nose dive in the middle of a dream catcher and I had to cover it. I made this patch with the BFC31431 design and saved the jacket. I loved the way it sewed out.

Dragon Wings of Red and Black

My daughter wanted a panel on her jean jacket, too. This one was done on purpose, LOL. I bought and used BFC thread suggested on the color sheet and the wonderful pattern BFC31435. I love BFC thread, as you can see it and the pattern file sew out beautifully.


Steampunk Dragon Wings

I love them both Barbara! Suz

Mandy’s gorgeous Delight pillows

Cushion finished today… stitched on velvet
The sky is glitter velvet. The mountains are glitter fabric.. my first bfc design
Finished tonight ..
used variegated thread for the dragon
Design frame is ribbon
Stitched onto velvet
Finished tonight ..
used variegated thread for the dragon
Design frame is ribbon
Stitched on to velvet

Laura’s Dragons

The cutest dragons, ever!  This is my latest wall hanging.  As you can see, I added some crystals to the finished designs.  Might I suggest to anyone that wants to use these designs on dark fabric to use an opaque, vinyl, topper under the moon part of the embroidery designs.  I did not and as you can see, the dark background fabric bleeds through.  Also, I used gold, metallic thread as the outline stitches because black thread did not show up against the dark background fabric.

Thanks again for these wonderful, smile producing designs.  Until next time,


BFC31682 Delight’s Sleepy Time


BFC31681 Delight’s My Stars

BFC31683 Delight’s Hi There!


Anita’s Daydreams by Delight

It’s been a long time finishing! Surgery and recovery got in the way. But I’m so pleased with the design.🤩 Thank you Suz Makalinaw for this terrific design. My daughter is going to love it! Had to put glass over it so her kitties don’t destroy it.😉sorry about the glare😶

BFC2010 Delight’s Daydreams, Tiled Designs

Sharon’s wonderful Stitched Dragons

We have recently joined with Delight of Delight’s Fantasy Art to create designs from her art.  Sharon has made a wonderful start with  her stitchouts!  When she posted them on our Facebook group I asked if I could share them here. 🙂

BFC2008 Delight’s Daydreams, Individual Designs

BFC31666 Delight’s Pals – Dragon and Cat


BFC31675 Delight’s The Librarian – Commercial Sizes