Laura’s “Frost on the Pumpkin”

In this case there really is Frost on the Pumpkin:

I wanted to show you my latest finished project.   This is a door decoration for a friend of mine in assisted living.  My mission in life is to add a bit of color to her really colorless life right now.   I told her I would make her a new piece of art work for every changing season. Of course, your design is wonderful, and to give it my own touch, I glitterized it with holographic fabric paint.  Sew, in actually, there is now frost on your pumpkins!  Thanks again for everything you and Fred do.  Until next time,



This is a great way to showcase a wall hanging on a door.  You make one too.  A strip of fabric the color of a branch, (twisted and tied), a real branch, an artificial branch – there are lots of options.  Great job Laura.

Always time for Christmas……

Hi Suz,

It is time for Christmas trees to appear again.

Five years ago I stitched your  Large Christmas Tree 2012  (BFC-1220) on a single sheet of balsa wood that was 18″ x 26″ and framed it to a completed size of 20″ x 27″ as a wall hanging.

This year I again used the design to make another wall hanging and during the five years it had grown and needed a 22″ x 30″ piece of balsa wood, framed out to a finished size of 24 1/4″ x 33″ and took on a trimming of lights.


I love your embroidery on Balsa wood – the trees really look great on it.

BFC1220 Large Christmas Tree 2012

Velda’s been busy!!!

It was a lot of fun to get Velda’s email with all her projects.  Here is her words:  “I’ve been working on some tile scenes that are my favorite.  I love your work!  I will say Winter Peace took  me 3 tries.  I embroidered it twice.  Finished it 3 times.  It’s important to square everything as you go.  Learned that the hard way. Velda”

They are all beautiful Velda – you did so much work on them!! 🙂

BFC1504 Approach of the Kings – Complete

BFC0593 Window – Sunflowers and Finches
BFC0573 Rock Point Bridge Over Rogue River Oregon
BFC0496 Window – Poppy Fields
BFC0783 Window – Four Seasons – Winter Peace