I think last year all of us kept thinking that by 2021 things would be back to normal.  Things seem to slowly getting back to normal and I would love to hear from you how the past months have changed your approach to your crafts.  Are you doing more or less?  Are your choices of project or materials changed?  You  can comment to this page to let us know,


    1. Hi Marilynn – Why do you think that is? What are you doing instead of embroidery now? Have you tried embroidery recently?
      I hope you feel better about the whole thing soon 🙂

  1. I am doing less this year. I am still trying to keep up with masks for my friends and my husband. He has lost several of them.
    I will be eighty next month and have had problems with my left foot. I am scheduled for an operation next week to get them straightened out.
    I have so many of your designs that I still haven’t done yet. Hopefully after my foot heals, I will be able to get back to embroidering.

    1. Hi Marie – I’m so sorry to hear about your foot! I had to have surgery on mine last year so I know what it’s like. You can’t get away from it. I hope your surgery goes well and the recuperation is better than you expect!
      I’m catching up with you, but I sure hope I still have the interest to do crafts when I’m 80. Be proud of yourself Marie!

  2. I found I am doing a lot more sewing and embroidery in spite of having a toe amputated. Shutdowns and isolations in Australia have kept me home but getting supplies has not been a problem as I had a huge stash of everything.

    1. When you mention it, I could probably stitch for several years with all my stash LOL This is strange though – Marie above had trouble with her foot and will be having surgery, you’ve had a toe amputated and I had one amputated this past year! Gee, what are we doing with our toes? LOL
      I’m glad you have been able to keep up your sewing and embroidery 🙂

  3. Last year I was in Australia visiting family when the pandemic became a “real” thing. Home I came as fast as possible and started sewing. It was a blessing to have things to keep me busy. Then in October I “retired” and I started a whole new journey. Although I have had some major set-backs up until now, I have worked on many quilts to see me through the tough days. I have never regretted my passions and I have to say, they have kept me sane and humble through it all. Stay safe – stay healthy everyone!

    1. Hi Chris – your message is a wonderful reason for our crafts. I think they can help us overcome so much. Continue to stay healthy and enjoy your reitement!

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