I’m in Awe!!!!!

Marilynn and I were talking and I asked if  she had any photos of her work I could post.  I was so surprised and thrilled when she sent me these.

In her words:

This is a small sample of the many BFC Designs I’ve done. I give away or sell about 80% of the designs I’ve done over the years. I’ve recommended BFC to lots of others with my same obsession. Keep digitizing please!  Marilynn

It’s going to take me awhile to get all the links for the sets!!!

Thank you Marilynn for sharing so much of your work.


Tiger Quilt

Tiger quilt made for friend. King size, log cabins are 6″. Sorry about the blurry pic, but hopefully I’ll be able to get a  better one when I can find someone to hold it up for me…(maybe two or three someones)

Thanks for your help on lining up the tiger Suz.


It’s wonderful Verona! The large embroideries look excellent as a quilt center! And a King size – so much work on that bed 🙂

BFC1131 Large Amur Tiger-The Patriarch


Lori’s Wall Hanging

Hello Suz,

Thank you very much for the threads chart, I printed out and get thing ready for stitching.  I am very honor that you post my pictures.

Some of these pictures are a little better than previous one.

The Rock Point Bridge was my very first put together as  a title design.

The New England Charm was my second title design, when I put together I sprayed water at the seams, that make it very soft and pliable, easy to sew.

Thanks again, Lori

That’s a great idea about spraying the seams with water first!  Thanks Lori.

BFC0706 Two Large Horses

BFC0586 Window – New England Charm

BFC0573 Rock Point Bridge Over Rogue River Oregon

BFC0696 Large Roses and Gaillardia


Hi Suz,

another warm day ahead no site of rain ,so i have been busy sewing out

fat cat,his eyes give me the glare that ours does

Thrilled with the sewing,will have to try a few more’.

Kind Regards Belinda Niemz

ps few wrinkles

I really love this Belinda! I love the three dimensional designs added – they really set off the main character. I can see him outside under the flowers working off his big meal. LOL

BFC1753 Large Seated Cat “Are you trying to tell me something”

Jan’s Beautiful Work!

Jan has been a customer and friend for a long time.  I was so happy to hear from her on my Yahoo Group! She writes:

“Hi Suz,

I am still using many of your picture designs – love doing them.  This past 9 months has been a tough time for Marty and I.  He had 4 major cancer surgeries removing a kidney, tumor, bladder and prostate.  But after going through all this he is back in his pulpit preaching, helping with our golden retriever kennel and mowing 2 acres of lawn.  God has certainly blessed us and answered prayers.

Here are some pictures – mostly the older ones.  People who come to my studio just love them.

Jan ”

I think my favorite picture is to see Jan in her studio among her projects! Suz

Cindy’s Projects

From Cindy: “I thought you might like to see “shades of tangled animals.”I was thinking of entering it in a quilt contest.  I don’t know which one, but I would give credit to BFC for the embroidery art.

Would that be OK? ”

It certainly would be OK Cindy!  I love this quilt.  The animals really show up so well with the colors chosen.

BFC1687 Shades of Tangled Animals

Good luck in the contest Cindy!  Let us know 🙂

Cindy’s other project is one Of Ching Chous pictures.  A beautiful addition to the room.  The border sashing goes so well with the embroidery.

BFC1204 Ching Chou’s Barn Owl



Evelyn’s Cat Empress

Evelyn has stitched one of my favorite designs.  And I’m so impressed – she did this after a long illness and it’s her first design getting back to stitching.  All of her things are now in storage and she is in Arizona with her son.  She can’t wait to get more stitching done!! She’s already picked out her next pictures.  Thank you Evelyn and best wishes for your recovery.


BFC1195 The Cat Empress

BFC1195 The Cat Empress

Donnely’s Projects

Donnely: *The little fox is done on antique satin, I had to remove the binding two times, so it is a little off kilter, but since he will be hanging on my wall I am okay with it.
I did the ereader case many years ago even got a 2nd place ribbon for it at the fair. It has been well used and washed many times.
thanks again for such awesome designs!
Enjoy the day

BFC1595 Large Red Fox

BFC0405 Art Nouveau QuiltSquares III