Carol’s Quilt with Sally Kings Shoes

From Carol:

I can’t wait for the new shoe!

I just finished a quilt for our guest room.  I just love all the shoes!!  I used 36 of the 58 shoes I have sewn out in this quilt. It makes the room so cheerful and goes with my tea kettle on the fireplace!!

Thank you and Sally King for my favorite designs!!!

Carol – your quilt is fantastic!  I love how the black, white and red realy shows off the shoes.  You should be very proud of your accomplishment = and thank you for sharing it with us!


Carol’s great teapot:

Margaret O’s Hipster Dog Quilt


You had asked that I send pictures of the Hipster Dogs quilt, so here they are. The quilt is a birthday gift for a 27 yo, representing dogs in his life through the years. Unfortunately, colors in the photos are very poor. Actually a bright, true red. Thank you for such an adorable set.

Margaret – I think this is such a wonderful idea!  The concept could be used for many things that people want to remember.  You’ve added so many great personal details like the dogs name, the little red square, etc.  Fantastic job!

BFC1315 Hipster Canines Filled


Lynn’s Quilt of Shoes

Hi Suz,


I am the woman that ordered lots of shoe designs from you last month. I am attaching the quilt I finished yesterday for domestic abuse awareness month in October. I am hoping to raffle off the quilt. Your designs embroidered like a charm! Thank you.  I thought you might want to see the completed quilt.


Lynn lothman

Sally King’s Designs

Tiger Quilt

Tiger quilt made for friend. King size, log cabins are 6″. Sorry about the blurry pic, but hopefully I’ll be able to get a  better one when I can find someone to hold it up for me…(maybe two or three someones)

Thanks for your help on lining up the tiger Suz.


It’s wonderful Verona! The large embroideries look excellent as a quilt center! And a King size – so much work on that bed 🙂

BFC1131 Large Amur Tiger-The Patriarch


Art Deco Ladies Quilt

Hi Suz,

I thought you might like to see the quilt that I have made for my 14 years

old grand-daughter. She chose your designs, and when you put up some

freebies, I thought they would mix in OK with the others. It’s taken me

about 5 months to do this, but I have done other smaller things in between.

I’m quite pleased with it, and I hope she will be too!

Regards, Pat


Anniversary Squares

Hi Suz,

I have so enjoyed doing these squares and loved each and every one of them … thank you ever so much.

I finished putting this all together last night and though it isn’t perfect (arthritic hands etc. ) its my project and I love it.

Appreciate you doing this for us.

Love and hugs Rosemary

I’m not very good at doing pics and hope they come out so you can see what I did.

Hi Rosemary – They look beautiful!  What a great idea.  I like the gold fabric with them and that is a really pretty quilt hanger! 

Thank you for your kind words, I just so enjoyed doing these squares and couldn’t wait for the next one to appear, you probably didn’t see it but in each square I used a metallic thread and it looks great.

I can almost wallpaper my home with wallhangings!!! Each one having their own personality!!!

Bless you and look forward to our next project.

Love and hugs Rosemary

Elizabeth’s Quilt

Hello Sue,

Just thought I would email you a couple of pics of my quilt, using your wonderful designs.  I am a friend of Vicki Purnell, she only lives a good stones throw from me.  I have made several of her wonderful quilts, using your designs.  The fabric is mostly batik, unfortunately I cannot remember the particular name of it.  Something like Lemon………..?  It has been waiting to be quilted for quite a while and I finally got around to doing it a couple of weeks ago.

Bye for now, & thank you for being so generous with your designs.


BFC1458 Celebrate Spring

Colleen’s Graceful Vase

Hello Suz

Well I did complete the wall hanging of Graceful Vase.  Have to say that I really should have repeated the top six silk blocks too as they are very slightly narrower than the others which I completed on cotton.  Was very determined and from a distance it doesn’t look too bad, especially if the ‘looker’ is not an embroiderer or quilter.

Thanks for the help

Colleen –  I like the long rod – it balances the wall hanging really nicely.  Suz

BFC0942 QIH or Regular Stained Glass Graceful Vase