Laura’s Beautiful Work

Thought you might like to see what I did with your wonderful designs.  Thank you so much for all the effort you put in to your digitizing.  What you can’t see here is the label I put on the back that acknowledges Sally King as artist, BFC Creations as digitizer and myself as stitcher.  Thanks again.



Sally Kings Work

Although these are not yet framed, I thought I would send this photo along .  I really love these embroideries!.  These are my favorite of Ching Chou’s work.  Very Contemp-Oriental.  Thanks again

Ching Chou’s Work

Nadina’s Jacket

Hi Suz,

Here are photos of a jacket I made.  This is how I found BFC!  I wanted a large dragonfly design for the back this came up in my Google search.  It was perfect – dragonflies, large design, beautiful colors.

I have a multi-needle, so I decided to figure out a way to work it in only  10 colors. I( don’t always do this, but my previous project was an embroidered quilt and each block had more than 10 colors – I wanted a break from changing threads!)

I did a test stitchout because there is so much shading and  I needed to know exactly where every color was used to be sure I didn’t end up with something odd. I think I did a second test stitchout because I still was undecided if jacket would be orange it’s purple lapels or purple with orange lapels.  I have learned that colors on a purple background look different than those same colors on an orang background.  But, it is worth all the time doing tests.

The other embroidery designs are not yours, so I understand if you don’t post those pictures.

I am happy I found your site. I previously sent pictures of a couple things I made from your designs for my mom. She loves them.  The angel was hung up right away and then moved several times as my mom looked for their perfect spot.  I was so happy to make something for her that she loves.


I asked Nadina about the jacket pattern: N

Thank you.  The pattern is from Lisette for Butterick B6169

Yes, the jacket is all mine!  And I wear it.  I should have left a bit more ease in the back to account for the stiffness, but I don’t care.  I was pleased that I finished it (first time making a lined jacket).  Yeah, I know the bright colors aren’t for everyone, but it is very me!

BFC1366 Ching Chou’s Dragonflies



Chris’s Pillow

Hi Suz, Finished the pillow and it turned out fantastic! This is one beautiful design and I had no problem stitching it out. Thanks so much!

Kind Regards,


I LOVE this pillow!!!! Not only because it is so beautiful, but because it opens so many opportunities to use designs that aren’t square to make pillows. you could use an appropriate design to go across the lower part of the pillow and make it a pocket.  I can see tucking something like a tissue in there – or a favorite magazine! Great and very creative job, Chris.


BFC1366 Ching Chou’s Dragonflies


Cindy’s Projects

From Cindy: “I thought you might like to see “shades of tangled animals.”I was thinking of entering it in a quilt contest.  I don’t know which one, but I would give credit to BFC for the embroidery art.

Would that be OK? ”

It certainly would be OK Cindy!  I love this quilt.  The animals really show up so well with the colors chosen.

BFC1687 Shades of Tangled Animals

Good luck in the contest Cindy!  Let us know 🙂

Cindy’s other project is one Of Ching Chous pictures.  A beautiful addition to the room.  The border sashing goes so well with the embroidery.

BFC1204 Ching Chou’s Barn Owl