Cheryl and Sally King’s Shoes!

From Cheryl:

Here is my photo of your Sally King shoe. There were 12 of us at the retreat and I stitched a different shoe for each one, matching the shoe to the participant’s likes. It was fun. I also stitched the label for the back.

This is a great idea – made to hang over a doorknob.  I bet the people at the retreat loved them!  Suz

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Jan’s Sally King Shoes

Jan makes shoe bags and puts one of Sally shoes on them!  What a great idea.  Suz

Attaching some pics of shoe bags.  They are fully lined with a dividing panel in the middle so that the 2 shoes don’t scratch each other.  Have given away at least a dozen (each one is different).  Will have to make some new friends as I still enjoy making them.    Jan

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Carol’s Quilt with Sally Kings Shoes

From Carol:

I can’t wait for the new shoe!

I just finished a quilt for our guest room.  I just love all the shoes!!  I used 36 of the 58 shoes I have sewn out in this quilt. It makes the room so cheerful and goes with my tea kettle on the fireplace!!

Thank you and Sally King for my favorite designs!!!

Carol – your quilt is fantastic!  I love how the black, white and red realy shows off the shoes.  You should be very proud of your accomplishment = and thank you for sharing it with us!


Carol’s great teapot: