Sally King Designs

Genene has loved Sally King’s designs right from the beginning and has done most of them!

The first is BFC1065 Sally King’s Leaf Fairy – 2 Versions.  Genene used a pretty green batik for thefirst one and added Embroidery Gliter for the second one.


Sally’s Cupcakes are really fun designs to use.  They of course work for birthdays, but try adding them an apron and other kitchen linens for a bright fun kitchen atmosphere.

BFC1188 Sally King’s Cupcakes Part 1

BFC1199 Sally King’s Cupcakes Part 2


Dagmar’s Pillows

Dagmar does a lot of beautiful work and she told me about her pillows.  I think theloepard pillow is especially interesting.  Compare it to the actual design and you can see how different the colors are.  And what a wonderful feeling they give the design!  I can see a desert/jungle/ etc awash with all kinds of colors.  She did a great job with Sally Kings Lady too.

BFC1401 Sally King’s Green Man Series Lady Autumn

BFC1002 Safari Series-Leopard