Where are the Instructions?

Though my main purpose in this blog is to showcase the wonderful work of our customers, occasionally I am going to post an *INFO-mercial*. LOL  There are a few things that I notice people keep having trouble with.  Especially when we have a big sale and get a lot of new people.

I couldn’t count the email message I get asking *why don’t you include Instructions? * Or colorcharts.  When you purchase you get an email with links to download your designs.  There are links for the different formats and always on regular sets a colorchart.zip file.  This is the file that has all the color charts, templates, instructions, patterns, etc.  Be sure to always get this file along with your designs!  Our smaller sets, like FUNSETS have everything zipped into one zip file.

Especially for me

After creating designs for the website for over 14 years, I occasionally want to do something I want.  LOL  That is how the current Myth and Mystery Lady came to be.  I saw her and just had to create a design like her.  It’s funny, I must not have popular likes and dislikes as usually the designs I like the best don’t sell.  LOL  Hmmm… Maybe I should wonder about that.  No – probably best I don’t.   I will just enjoy her hanging on my wall.

BFC1739 Myth and Mystery

Unique Critters

I’ve always loved unusual looking animals, birds – any wildlife.  I came across these two photos.  The first is of Nubian vultures but I can’t find  out what the second one is.  I would love to know!  I have this awful feeling I want to make designs of both of these critters.  No one might buy them, but they would sure be fun to do!  I can see these on backs of jackets – imagine the looks going on behind you!

I did some searching and found another photo of this bird – but again, it doesn’t say what it is!  LOL

FOUND IT! – and you were close Donnely, a Reddish Egret (Egretta Rufescens)

Contributing Photos

I would love for you to feel free to send me your BFC projects.  You can send them to suz@BFC-Creations.com.  Send whatever size photo is the best for you and send as many photos as you want.  I will post them all or choose what will look best.  Also I would love if you could write something about making the project.  It could the fabrics you used, whether you changed the colors, why you made the project – even problems you had that you were able to overcome!

About Photos

I’ve been looking for a long time for a good place to post all the great photos we receive.  I’ve put some on Pinterest, some on our Yahoo Group, but nowhere they are all brought together.  That is my goal with our blog.  I’m starting with the most recent I have received just because it is easier the way I have filed them.  Please feel free to email your photos!  suz@BFC-Creations.com