Suz’ Jewelery


I was very much into beading before I started machine Embroidery.  I thought I would show you some of my necklaces – you can see where I started incorporating Free Standing Lace Embroidery into my beadwork!  Experiment with combining crafts you love.

Beads are easy because there are so many ways to add beads to your embroidery.  You can go all out as I did below and make jewelry from your embroidered Free Standing Lace Medallions, or dot beads (sew them or glue them) around a fantasy embroidery to add sparkle to the sky or ground or add to the characters costumes.  Add fringe at the bottom of a wall hanging with beads the colors in the embroidery.

If you like yarn, this too can be incorporated.  You can crochet or braid a necklace cord for a medallion.  Add fringe to a wall hanging – with or without beads.  Cut small pieces of appropriate fluffy fibers to add to the landscape of an embroidery.  Outline by couching an appropriate fiber or yarn around elements in the picture.






Joan’s use of Fibers

Hi Suz,

Of course you may post anything of mine you like on your stash gallery.

I have used your fibers in two of my quilts.  The first was Twin Peaks where I made grass along the roadway.  The other is Bernal Park, which you have seen recently.   I will add these two to this email.

My next project is a seascape, so I won’t need more fibers yet, but I do intend to keep experimenting with eyelash yarn….and you have such a great collection in your stash I will be back to purchase more.

Thank you for your kind words and attention to my work.


BFC Fibers


Judy’s Fiber Arts

Hi Suz,

I am just so flattered that you would use my work for your stash page.

I just remembered that there is one more quilt that I used BFC stash charms.  In The Woods, I used the little leaf beads around the border and then I broke up some of the tiny wooden beads to look like rocks on the path.  It was my first landscape quilt.  Taken from a shot of the woods in Northern Ireland.  I am sending it along for you to see.

I learned from this quilt that a fussy border distracts from the image.  The close up without the border is more interesting, I think.  Do you agree?

I am just so damn pleased that you like my work!   I love these Judy! Suz