Cathy’s Trains

Cathy made these trains for the Cedar wall in the den at her husband’s request.   I was amazed how quickly she got them all stitched and framed and on the wall!!!  Great job Cathy.  *Pop Butler* would be proud to see how great you’ve made his trains look.  You can read about the trains and Pop Butler on the page.  When asked about them Cathy replied *they stitch out beautifully*.

BFC0292 Vintage Locomotives

John’s method to prevent puckering

I am sending a couple of photos of wall hangings I have done on felt without any puckering. One uses 5 designs to make a large 16 x 23 inch one,   and one uses 6 designs to make a large 12 x 15 inch one.

I only hoop a piece of Stitch n Tear stabilizer by itself, adhering it to the inside of the inner hoop ring with sturdy 2 sided sticky mounting tape. The felt is held in place using a conservative amount of spray adhesive. I use the minimum amount of tension in the bobbin, around 12 – 15 grams and the upper tension just enough to bring the stitch thread to clear the throat plate and let the stabilizer alone drag the thread to the next stitch. When you are done the fabric does not want to return to an original non tension state and remains stable.

BFC1095 Window-Kitten in a Bowl

BFC0831 Window – Vintage Sewing Machine

Train Christmas Tree Skirt

Hi Suz,

Thank you for sending me the train set again. I have included 2 pictures of the skirts.  The single skirt is the one I finished today for my nephew and the other one is his kids when they got their skirts last year.  As you can see it was easier to fold the skirts in half so all 6 trains would show but not take up all of the den.


These are really gorgeous!  Pop Butler would love them!!!!  If you haven’t seen the pictures of Anne’s father, please go to the train set page.  You can see him and read a little about him.  He’s  definitely part of history! Suz


BFC0292 Vintage Locomotives