Laura’s Butterflies

From Laura:

Howdy.  Well, I did it !  I checked another of your wonderful designs off my bucket list.  Heavy on stitches but bright with color, I used Mylar film under the stitches.  I had the film in my stash, but I would not recommend using it with these designs.  The stitching went well, no problems there, but these designs are meant to cover all the background with very little space between the stitches, hence not much room for the mylar to sparkle through.  Even so, I am really happy with how they turned out.   Thanks again, Suz, for your extreme talent with digitizing and color choices.  I just love your stuff!!  Until next time, Laura

From me:  And I sure love what you do with my stuff Laura!!!!  Your projects are always beautiful.  Thank you 🙂

BFC1135 Ching Chou’s Stained Glass Butterfly I
BFC1138 Ching Chou’s Stained Glass Butterfly II

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