Anniversary Squares

Hi Suz,

I have so enjoyed doing these squares and loved each and every one of them … thank you ever so much.

I finished putting this all together last night and though it isn’t perfect (arthritic hands etc. ) its my project and I love it.

Appreciate you doing this for us.

Love and hugs Rosemary

I’m not very good at doing pics and hope they come out so you can see what I did.

Hi Rosemary – They look beautiful!  What a great idea.  I like the gold fabric with them and that is a really pretty quilt hanger! 

Thank you for your kind words, I just so enjoyed doing these squares and couldn’t wait for the next one to appear, you probably didn’t see it but in each square I used a metallic thread and it looks great.

I can almost wallpaper my home with wallhangings!!! Each one having their own personality!!!

Bless you and look forward to our next project.

Love and hugs Rosemary

My Snowy Egret Project

I’ve wanted to do a wall piece with the Snowy Egret (BFC0686) for a long time but wasn’t sure what I wanted for the background.  Then my daughter sent me a photo (attached) that she took on her vacation, and I was inspired!  Her Christmas present  this year is a wall quilt (photo attached).  In addition to BFC0686, I also used foliage bits from BFC1248, FBFC427, and a couple of designs from other digitizers. The large branches and the foliage background are raw-edge applique. I’ve never done a quilt before, so I learned many things!  But not how to do good pictures, since the quilt is actually quite squared off.

–Barbara in Fremont, CA

He’s just gorgeous Barbara! I’m sure some viewers will get great ideas for their projects.

BFC0686 Snowy Egret

Creative Daughter and Mom!

I purchased your designs and have attached 3 pictures of what I did with them.

My daughter requested that I do a group of rose design(s) on the shoulder moving forward  and another design opposite side at bottom, in which I made a 90 degree corner design.  Just

sharing.  My daughter furnished the tunic top, in which to me is quiet thin… I used the stabilizer X2 in thickness that I place under baby ones’ees for the purpose of non-scratching.  To me still not the greatest.  My daughter (no matter what) will love this. 

Thanking you.

Blessings,  Sandie

BFC1791 Watercolor Wild Roses


Hi Suz,

another warm day ahead no site of rain ,so i have been busy sewing out

fat cat,his eyes give me the glare that ours does

Thrilled with the sewing,will have to try a few more’.

Kind Regards Belinda Niemz

ps few wrinkles

I really love this Belinda! I love the three dimensional designs added – they really set off the main character. I can see him outside under the flowers working off his big meal. LOL

BFC1753 Large Seated Cat “Are you trying to tell me something”

Sewing Tote by Diane

Dear Suz .

This is my  result of your fabulous design . It was such fun to make .

I’m gloating over it 🙂 🙂 and cant wait to go sewing travelling , don’t

know where yet , but I  will find an opportunity.

now for a new project .

thank you so much. regards


Great job Diane!  I love it with the turquoise and that fabric for the back.

BFC0884 QIH Super Sewing Tote


A Happy Boss!!!

I chose to stitch Windows of the World Italy for a Boss’s Day gift, since my boss is of Italian ancestry. I’ll submit a photo if possible. This courtyard scene provided a good opportunity to experiment with neutrals–with the many tones & shades of gold, brown, & gray, I learned a lot about using these colors effectively. Several of the new BFC threads look quite lovely in the stones, including 2751 Pale Gold, 2657 Mustard Gold, & 2630 Light Sandstone. I took extra time to change colors for the shutters to get the effect I wanted. I used medium-weight cotton twill spray-basted to Hemingworth medium-weight cutaway stabilizer, which made a good stable combo to keep the blocks as square as possible–some areas of these designs stitch 3 layers thick. My machine (a Brother PE-150) required me to reduce the stitch density of block #6 by 5 percent before it would sew that one, although oddly, it had no problem accepting block #8, which has an even higher stitch count. Assembly was Method #6 in the suggestions provided, using a wooden frame. I trimmed the completed blocks to a 1/8″ margin of fabric/stabilizer, & laid them out like tiles, not quite touching, along with my ribbon & wood trim, to determine the final size (which in my case was 14.5″W X 18.5″H). I wanted the ribbon “mullions” to barely cover the edges of the embroidery, so as not to hide any more detail than necessary. DH helped me cut the 1/4″ birch plywood, which our home improvement store carries in convenient 2’x2′ squares, & miter the stained wood trim. The blocks were glued to the plywood & outlined with black grosgrain ribbon (3/8″ wide for the mullions & 5/8″ for the casing), then framed with 3/4″ wood trim. I found this scene to be wonderfully detailed & it really sparks the imagination. I’m giving it 4 stars, because in my opinion a few areas stitch more layers than necessary, & a few of the details were a bit confusing, but on the whole, it is well digitized & an example of the outstanding level of art offered by BFC Creations. I’m proud of my result, & hopefully my boss will be pleased with his gift.


I’m sure your boss was totally amazed Judy!!!!  they way you finished it sounds wonderful.  Suz


BFC0623 Windows on the World – Italy


What started as a wall hanging……


Well, I finally got what was suppose to be a wall hanging finished!  It turned out to be under glass instead of a wall hanging.  But, since that is how Dad wanted it that’s what dad got!!! lol  He decided he wanted it under glass rather than able to get all dusty on the wall so that what I ended up doing.

Thank you !!!!!!!!  For all your help with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It only took me two years to make.  But I ended up learning 2 digitizing programs, PE Design Next and 10 as well as what it takes to make something like this!  Forever !!!!! lol !!!


Cindy .s. I also attached part of the painting I use to digitize my Grandfather in the yellow shirt.  Can’t believe it really came out looking like him !  lol

HI Cindy – I had a lot of fun following along with Cindy on this project.  This will become a real heirloom for her family depiciting not only her creativity, but Grandpa’s everyday life.  Suz