Agnes’ Stitches for her Church

From Agnes:  They brought tears to Monsignor Mitas’s eyes and I never expected that reaction.  When I gave him the Easter one in Holy Thursday, the reverence with which he held the parament was something to be witnessed.  That is how powerful these designs are.


BFC1144 Window-Christ Resurrected

BFC0495 Window-The Nativity

Laura’s Elephants

Laura had a lot of trouble in the beginning getting this design lined up.  But I was shocked when she sent me the photo and it came out so beautiful!  I think she was doing a lot better than she thought. 🙂  Thank you Laura for making my design look so great!

From Laura,

Well, here is the finished product from my almost nervous breakdown!  Thank you again for all your help with BFC 445, Touch of India II.  It’s a “Happy” wall hanging, full of beautiful colors.  I added lots of crystals and unique outline quilting.  The fabric I found at our local quilt shop, Creative Sew Threads, here in Elkhart, Indiana.  I think the fabric complemented the design perfectly.

BFC0445 Touch of India II

I did some closeups so you can see the details.

I like the quilting – you can see some of it better her.

Janet’s Wreath

Loved this BFC design!  Janet

It is really pretty Janet!  Love the colors and the bow.  Great job.   Suz

BFC1505 FSL Autumn Wreath

This set comes with 18 designs each in 3 sizes so you have a lot of options on how you want your wreath to look.  If you used all bright greens, you would have a spring or summer wreath.  Added brightly colored flowers too!

JuDee’s Eagle


This is a picture of the eagle I made for my Son (School supt.) Hangs in his office.

(Took me “forever” to figure out how to get it off of my phone so I could send it to you)It turned out beautiful and he was so pleased when he opened his BD gift!!

I appreciate all of the help you gave me…..Thank you for making it possible


Hi Judee – I t looks beautiful.  I bet your son just loved it!  What a proud picture for him to hang in his office.  A symbol of our country and made by his Mom:)  Thank you!  Suz

BFC1662 Large Patriotic Eagle

Karen’s Bags

I am sending you 4 photos of 2 bags, embroidered with two of your files. The brown/ black one is embroidered with silk thread which shows different in different angles. The black one is sewn on leather. I hope you like them. Kind regards Karen Denmark

Karen – what a wonderful to use these designs!  Itg shows them in a whole new way.  I love the brown, I bet it really shines with the silk thread.

BFC1805 QIH or Reg Geometric Colors Part 1

BFC1812 QIH or Reg Geometric Colors Part 2