Tutorial – Fairy Wildlife Quilt – Part 1

This quilt uses the three Design Sets of the Fairy Wildlife Series.  I am making a lap size quilt, but you can easily adjust the sizes.  My main purpose in this Tutorial is to show you an easy way to create a unique and fun design.  This first part does what I call the Ocean slice.

DOWNLOAD TUTORIAL PART 1     Tutorial- Fairy Wildlife Quilt Part 1

Here are some images from this Tutorial:





Sandra’s Myth and Mystery in White

Sandra totally surprised me by stitching Myth and Mystery on a white Jean jacket.  But wow – I love the way she looks.

From Sandra: Wanted to tell you I stitched the Myth and Mystery gal on the back of a white jeans jacket.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Her face, particularly her eyes, are mesmerizing.  Hope you’ll digitize more large format designs like that. I have a stack of blue jeans jackets waiting for your special designs.  Hint…hint

I will Sandra!

Unfortunately the back had 2 French seams but it’s still beautiful. – Sandra

BFC1739 Myth and Mystery

Train Christmas Tree Skirt

Hi Suz,

Thank you for sending me the train set again. I have included 2 pictures of the skirts.  The single skirt is the one I finished today for my nephew and the other one is his kids when they got their skirts last year.  As you can see it was easier to fold the skirts in half so all 6 trains would show but not take up all of the den.


These are really gorgeous!  Pop Butler would love them!!!!  If you haven’t seen the pictures of Anne’s father, please go to the train set page.  You can see him and read a little about him.  He’s  definitely part of history! Suz


BFC0292 Vintage Locomotives


Dagmar’s Steampunk Seahorse

Hi Suz, I just want to show you the  Steam Punk design we purchased from you that my husband John embroidered and are hanging now on our staircase. As you can see they turned out nice, even though

it took time and adjustment for our hoop (8 x 12) – Dagmar, I only received this photo. If you have more please send them and I will get them posted.  Suz

BFC1836 Steampunk Seahorse


Lynn’s Quilt of Shoes

Hi Suz,


I am the woman that ordered lots of shoe designs from you last month. I am attaching the quilt I finished yesterday for domestic abuse awareness month in October. I am hoping to raffle off the quilt. Your designs embroidered like a charm! Thank you.  I thought you might want to see the completed quilt.


Lynn lothman

Sally King’s Designs