Connie’s Bags

Here are a couple pictures of my recently-completed bag.  A fellow sewist saw it at the last Embroidery in Motion meeting when I took it for show-n-tell.  She called me a few days later & said she bought the pattern from you because she liked mine so well.   I’m now working on the Kokopelli bag.  I just finished the bag part — very gorgeous.  Now for the lining.  I bought all the threads for that one from you all.  Such gorgeous colors!  The bag will be a gift for my DIL-to-be.  She & my son will be married in September & plan to start a family right away.  So Kokopelli, being a fertility god, will perhaps be of some assistance!

Thanks for great products & greater service!


I hope you have loads of Grandkids by now Connie!!!  Suz

BFC0830 Passion Flower Handbag

A Jazzy Handbag by Mary

Hello Suz,

I have finished my bag using your designs, and I’m pretty pleased with it as it is my first bag ever! I’ve replace the black outlines as I said with metallic copper thread, and the white swirls in the Saxophone with light gold thread.

When I next do a handbag, I will place my designs higher up to take more account of the amount of fabric that goes under with the base. I hope the photos are good enough, though I can take more tomorrow if you would like better ones.

I hope you like it, Thanks, Mary White

Jazz Trio

BFC1593 All that Jazz

Judy’s Myth and Mystery

Thank you so much for the prompt response and education. I didn’t know about stabilizer shrinkage.

Actually, for the bag project, the girl didn’t  turn out unsalvageable, (see pic) I just wanted it as perfect as could be and to find out better techniques for future use as that design is so awesome and I will use it again. The other side, on the bird design from Urban Threads that I incorporated with yours, actually the puckering was worse, like I mentioned especially after ironing. I love the fractilicious designs and should have used a brighter color on the birds as well but always next time.

I’m gonna try the Black and White large Elephant on cork next I think for a bag panel. I downloaded the DST single design to my Janome AcuDesign and it converted it to jef format, I just have to resize and fix the colors in the download as they are all wonky and are confusing when embroidering gray and the machine says to use yellow!

I am so excited I joined the Janome 15000 FB group and then became aware of your website from your offer of the contest with the mask. Thank you for your generous offer of the half price designs too! I am a true fan of the designs and your excellent customer service is the icing on the cake. As an FYI, Fred had also contacted me prior to sending my thread order to verify address, such great service, you should be proud as a lot of companies are not so inclined or pay attention to detail.  Judy

Beautiful choice of Fabric Judy!  Suz

BFC1739 Myth and Mystery

Sewing Tote by Diane

Dear Suz .

This is my  result of your fabulous design . It was such fun to make .

I’m gloating over it 🙂 🙂 and cant wait to go sewing travelling , don’t

know where yet , but I  will find an opportunity.

now for a new project .

thank you so much. regards


Great job Diane!  I love it with the turquoise and that fabric for the back.

BFC0884 QIH Super Sewing Tote


A Tote from a free design

Just a quick note to thank you for all your free designs through the years, they are very much appreciated.

Would love to be able to use each and every one of those beautiful designs in this lifetime!


I started on my Christmas gifts 2 weeks ago by spending Fridays in the sewing room. Have a set of Christmas-themed coasters and a couple of tote bags done already. I embroidered a design from your 11th Anniversary Gift set (BFC1416-19) on one of the tote bags. The tote is made from Chino Drill and lined with medium-weight calico to hide the embroidery inside as well as to give the tote some body.

Photo of the tote is attached and I hope I did justice to the design. Thanks once again for your generosity with the gifting of your designs,


Choon ”