Carol’s Eagle

Well, here it is!  I somehow managed to get the very first joining line off just enough to tweet the entire stitch out, but didn’t realize that until the head was put on!  I love it anyway and so will my Dad!!  I just need to give it a good steam press (using a pressing cloth) and add a small border with hanging tags.  Comments today at our quilting group were:  is that a fabric panel?  How real looking!  Beautiful….and of course, Carol – you’re crazy!!!

Maybe I’ll do another one some day when I am not rushed.  Thank you for ALL your help and encouragement.


BFC1574 Large Eagle with American Flag II

Jan’s Owlbert Einstein

From Jan:  I love this design.  I donated this one to a silent auction in support of the arts programs at our local community college.

I asked if I could post him here:

Absolutely.  Before I sent it I went to your BLOG to see all the projects others have made and there wasn’t an Owlbert.  I mounted mine on canvas.  Owlbert got a lot of buzz at the auction and he did well.  Jan

He is just gorgeous Jan – I love the way you have created him.  Suz

BFC1575 Steampunk Owlbert Einstein

My Snowy Egret Project

I’ve wanted to do a wall piece with the Snowy Egret (BFC0686) for a long time but wasn’t sure what I wanted for the background.  Then my daughter sent me a photo (attached) that she took on her vacation, and I was inspired!  Her Christmas present  this year is a wall quilt (photo attached).  In addition to BFC0686, I also used foliage bits from BFC1248, FBFC427, and a couple of designs from other digitizers. The large branches and the foliage background are raw-edge applique. I’ve never done a quilt before, so I learned many things!  But not how to do good pictures, since the quilt is actually quite squared off.

–Barbara in Fremont, CA

He’s just gorgeous Barbara! I’m sure some viewers will get great ideas for their projects.

BFC0686 Snowy Egret

Marge’s Beautiful Heron

From Marge:

*Hi Suz,

Finally got the Herron put on a shirt.  I did do it on the nylon mesh and maybe some of the feathers didn’t come out quite right but I am happy with it.

I am always afraid to embroider right on a garment.  This shirt was a little pricey and I would have been upset if the design screwed up.  This way if I get tired of the shirt I can remove the embroidery and put it on something else.

Thought you would like to see it done this way.

Marge in Fl.*

I would never have guess this design came out so great using this method!  I’m in awe of some of your work Marge. 🙂  Suz


Jan’s Beautiful Work!

Jan has been a customer and friend for a long time.  I was so happy to hear from her on my Yahoo Group! She writes:

“Hi Suz,

I am still using many of your picture designs – love doing them.  This past 9 months has been a tough time for Marty and I.  He had 4 major cancer surgeries removing a kidney, tumor, bladder and prostate.  But after going through all this he is back in his pulpit preaching, helping with our golden retriever kennel and mowing 2 acres of lawn.  God has certainly blessed us and answered prayers.

Here are some pictures – mostly the older ones.  People who come to my studio just love them.

Jan ”

I think my favorite picture is to see Jan in her studio among her projects! Suz

Flamingos Anyone?

From Donna:

*No one else has designs as lovely as yours. I have many I have not done yet but here is one of my favorites.It is hanging in my kitchen right now. *

Thank you Donna! Your fabric frame really brings out the colors in the Flamingo Wall Hanging.  Beautiful!  I’m sure it really brightens up  your kitchen. ..Suz


BFC0645 Window-Flamingo Paradise