Rise’s Studio – The start of a long Journey

Rise and I became good, good friends soon after I opened BFC in 2003.  We’re in touch just about every day.  When her health needed help, my Yahoo group donated money and she was able to get an oxygen barometric chamber.  I’ve been amazed at what she has accomplished since then 🙂 From Rise:

I’m Rise, living in Odense, Denmark. I run a clinic and a studio – art and craftsman and i LOOOOVE BFC designs !!  As you can see they are richly represented in my studio – both as finished projects such as pillows, wall hangings or art quilts- two  in progress the “Poppy Fields”  with the fsl poppy and leaf designs, and the blue (crazy) cats

Other favorites are absolutely animals !  They are gorgeous and also a top favorite for visitors in the studio ! The wows and expression on their faces  when they let their fingers gently touch the tigers for the first time always makes me smile !  I have several stitchouts so people can see different choices of fabric, colors, displays etc…

Some might remember the Ugly ducklings/ Blue swan designs ? The designs Suz transformed from sketches til embroidery files and donated sales to our fundraising for lifesaving oxygen equipment many years back? Oh they still live ! Both as embroidery designs and paintings, calendars, prints, – I moved to H C Andersens birth city so  they are quite popular here.

At the studio working out colourline for a pillow…sitting with one of the original swans. I use BFC thread whenever it is possible. This is because it is the Best looking. The easiest to work with and it has a fantastic glow..that doesn’t fade over even many years…I have most of the colours and love them.

BFC1263 From Ugly Duckling to Elegant Swan

From the situation with my own health I am developing medical treatments to treat pain and stress, mostly by working  with your breathing and the nervous system, through the Vagus nerve and I’m now running a clinic where I treat mostly people with chronic pain, stres, lung diseases , many with long covid symptoms, and I am in the process of offering Hyperbaric treatment to others. It has been a firm desire for me to provide this fantastic treatment to others that needs it as much as I do.

And it is still almost impossible to get where I live, so I started the long process of first my own rehabilitation and educating myself professionally so I meet the international standards for this highly specialised, medical treatment. And it has been a long and hard way, also due to the lockdown,  but I have never one day lost the goal of sight and I have never forgotten, first how hard it was to get 30 days of treatment at a hospital, cause even with my 10 diagnoses none of them gave access to  HBO treatment. And the way I first was rejected to receive more needed treatment from the healthcare system and was send home well knowing how hopelessly ill I would get again. They could easily have helped me with more treatment. but wouldn’t.

And I have also never forgotten  how loving and caring people that didn’t have any kind of responsibility towards my health situation,  helped me get my life back !

My friends locally started a fundraising but it was so hard for me to just “receive” without giving something back. Then Suz suggested I could send some of my sketches to her and then she would make them into embroidery design and present them and donate the income to my fundraising- and I LOVED It !

And can never express how much that still means to me, seeing the one sale after the other just roll in- and it was…amazing.. heartbreaking and fantastic!! Gives me goosebumps just to remember and write about it again!

I remember the one-dollar-donations.  Many wrote me and almost apologized that they didn’t have more than one dollar !  But you know what ?

When I send the account of the fundraiser to the accountants such a huge part of the final result was the one dollar tributes !  I never will forget what I since have called “the -one -dollar -honour” . It just proves that when we are many enough, we can do a hugh, hugh difference !

I can never say THANK YOU enough to Suz and the team at BFC for doing this and for a deep and loving friendship and can never say THANK YOU enough to all who donated back then.






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Fiona won First Prize!

I entered Ching Chou’s Bluebird into the Royal Adelaide Show (a state wide show) and it won 1st prize.

I have attached a photo of the winning wall hanging.

I also made 2 of her butterflies a few years ago for a friends house warming.

I’m very impressed Fiona – especially after I checked out the show.  It’s huge! Thanks so much fr sharing with us.  and CONGRATULATIONS!!! — Suz


BFC1808 Ching Chou’s Bird in Blue

BFC1138 Ching Chou’s Stained Glass Butterfly II

BFC1135 Ching Chou’s Stained Glass Butterfly I

Sharon’s Hummingbirds

FINISHED !!!!! Still not sure if I will make a pillow or frame it. For my first attempt I am pretty happy with it and first time really doing design positioning. I usually just place fabric and hope it works. I do have a new Husqvarna Designer RUBY 90  that I have never truly put to use so actually used it to move the design in the machine for the last three designs. So thank you for helping me keep my brain active in these days. I wondered if you could take a quick look and see if the first two are lined up as much as they should be? I was so intimated doing them and wasn’t really sure what I was doing – lol – and one more question what stabilizer do you use? I thought I had read “tear away” and I used that but not sure it was strong enough. I usually use a poly-mesh? and just leave it in the design? am wondering as certainly by the end of the tail I have puckering ? I wouldn’t ask you so many questions except I think I will try another one and maybe use your idea of mirroring for pillows !  Thank you again for your patience and your responses – for sure am telling both my embroidery groups of how helpful you have been. Have a blessed Easter weekend, Sharon

I’ve posted all of Sharon’s questions because i think a lot of us have questions like these on new designs.  I’ll answer for the stabilizer.  I would recommend a medium tear away sticky stabilizer.  I started using this after i had done this design and i love it for so many things.  I use the Weidner brand.    Suz

BFC1202 Ching Chou’s Hummingbird

Bernice’s Owl

Here is the owl, I basted the T-shirt to the stabilizer so I wouldn’t have hoop burn on the black !  I think embroiders need to realize they can change up the colors too as with the owl, I couldn’t use black for the outlines!

That’s a great hint Bernice!  Color can make so much difference.  Don’t just assume the design you are checking has to be done in the colors shown.

BFC1575 Steampunk Owlbert Einstein