Customer Projects from 2004

I’m just going to show the photos in a list with the link to the site and the name of the person who stitched it.  That is if i have the name!  If you spot one of your projects and I don’t have your name posted, please let me know!

Joan Warr

BFC0185 Lace Bowl & Doily – Wild Rose


Lia’s Wild Rose Bowl

BFC0185 Lace Bowl & Doily – Wild Rose

Nancy’s Scarf

BFC0205 Oh! Those Fifties Ladies




Susan’s Three Portraits

Hi Suz

I finally completed and delivered the 70th birthday present to Davids Mother (shown holding the picture). While I cursed Fred a few times (every time I had to change the thread for less than a minute of sewing – one of the pictures had 46 colour changes) while stitching, the end results were well worth it, and I am very pleased that I did not edit some of the shading out. I also mentally apologised to Fred after completing the three inidians!!! Everyone felt that Fred did a marvellous job, he is really talented. Some of the shading was so subtle, but if it wasnt there, it would not look so good (David has just made the comment that the designs are like a really good sausage – the end result is marvellous but you dont want to know what went into it). Davids mum would be interested to know if  the Navajo Medicine Man is a specific individual like the other two, or is a generic picture, and if it is a named individual please could she have the name, she wants to put the names on the back of the picture.

David is now considering that he has lost his orchid bag, but I have assured him that as soon as I get a cat bag done, he will get the orchid bag back. Davids mother wants a green orchid bag for christmas, so I will be making yet another one (my third). Due to two floods in the house, I have not managed to get Davids orchid plaque done (and the show he was getting me to do it for got cancelled)  but I am hoping that now I have disinterred my sewing machine and embroidery unit (at the back of the sewing room, and there was half the affected bedrooms furniture in front of it – the rest of the furniture was in the lounge) I will be able to get it stitched. As soon as I stitch it I promise I will send a photo.

Regards Susan

BFC0348 Native American Portraits

Sandra’s Myth and Mystery in White

Sandra totally surprised me by stitching Myth and Mystery on a white Jean jacket.  But wow – I love the way she looks.

From Sandra: Wanted to tell you I stitched the Myth and Mystery gal on the back of a white jeans jacket.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Her face, particularly her eyes, are mesmerizing.  Hope you’ll digitize more large format designs like that. I have a stack of blue jeans jackets waiting for your special designs.  Hint…hint

I will Sandra!

Unfortunately the back had 2 French seams but it’s still beautiful. – Sandra

BFC1739 Myth and Mystery

Donald’s Peacock Lady

I’m very pleased with BFC. I love doing the wall hangings. I’v done well over 100 and put a lot of others designs in about 110 quilts. I’v had several heart operations this past 4 years and just getting back to this.

I’ve attached my favorite. My wife had it framed after the last time i came home from the hospital.

BFC0570 Window – Lady with Peacock Feathers


A very sophisticated Bathroom!

Dagmar and her husband do a wonderful job of decorating their home.  So often bathrooms are done in pastels, but this one really pops!  They used our lady for the picture.

…You might remember me sending you a picture of our living room, well here is attached a picture of our bathroom with the lady design we purchased from you.

Everybody likes it. Greetings, Dagmar

BFC1464 Ladies of Elegance – Four Portraits



Judy’s Myth and Mystery

Thank you so much for the prompt response and education. I didn’t know about stabilizer shrinkage.

Actually, for the bag project, the girl didn’t  turn out unsalvageable, (see pic) I just wanted it as perfect as could be and to find out better techniques for future use as that design is so awesome and I will use it again. The other side, on the bird design from Urban Threads that I incorporated with yours, actually the puckering was worse, like I mentioned especially after ironing. I love the fractilicious designs and should have used a brighter color on the birds as well but always next time.

I’m gonna try the Black and White large Elephant on cork next I think for a bag panel. I downloaded the DST single design to my Janome AcuDesign and it converted it to jef format, I just have to resize and fix the colors in the download as they are all wonky and are confusing when embroidering gray and the machine says to use yellow!

I am so excited I joined the Janome 15000 FB group and then became aware of your website from your offer of the contest with the mask. Thank you for your generous offer of the half price designs too! I am a true fan of the designs and your excellent customer service is the icing on the cake. As an FYI, Fred had also contacted me prior to sending my thread order to verify address, such great service, you should be proud as a lot of companies are not so inclined or pay attention to detail.  Judy

Beautiful choice of Fabric Judy!  Suz

BFC1739 Myth and Mystery

Evelyn’s Cat Empress

Evelyn has stitched one of my favorite designs.  And I’m so impressed – she did this after a long illness and it’s her first design getting back to stitching.  All of her things are now in storage and she is in Arizona with her son.  She can’t wait to get more stitching done!! She’s already picked out her next pictures.  Thank you Evelyn and best wishes for your recovery.


BFC1195 The Cat Empress

BFC1195 The Cat Empress