I get a weekly report on the phrases most searched for with  results and those searched for with no results.  I also can go in any time to see the day’s searches, plus over time for many days.  There are patterns that I think I can help with to make your searches more productive.

The successful searches tend to be one or two words at the most.  They also contain a lot of numerical part of our item numbers.  You see our item numbers everywhere – the name of designs, the documentation, etc.  So this is a great thing to use to search.  Type the item number with no additional text – 1905 (a design set) or 2170 a color number.  You might have the tendency to add more info, but search really doesn’t care.  LOL And too much text usually results in a failed search.

  1. 3148 PALEST Lime  × 2  This failed because the name is PLST lime.  All that was needed is the 3148!

The next two have the same problem.  When we switched to our new website, I wanted the item numbers to be as uniform as possible (I create the reports  LOL)  Our first designs from 101 to 999 were missing a chracter compared to 1000-1950,  So I added a 0 before each design number that only had 3 characters.  My reports are easy and look good, but to search properly you need to add a 0 before the numbers.

  1. 529 Ancient Russian Floral  × 2  Should be 0529
  2. 583 -Christmas Stocking I  × 2  Should be 0583
  1. BFC 487 Seed Packets – Veggies and Seed Packets Veggie Pack -all this needed was the 0 – or 0487.  Adding so much text to a serach is more than likely going to prevent the program from finding anything.

This one is painful – so lcose!

BFC0527-06  × 2   The 0527 i perfect, but the -06 which represents the individual design nubmer doesn’t not register withour serach. 

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