Colleen’s Gorgeous Peacock

Hi Suz,  Have sewn the peacock and I am really pleased with it.  As I love silk this has been sewn on silk. I used the old method of lining up designs with the basting stitched lines directly on the silk. A few changes to thread colours also as I just used what I had here; so he’s a special ‘hybrid’ bird!

Thank you for such lovely designs.

Colleen Reed

The way  you have finished this embroidery, Colleen, makes it look so rich!  This set, done in November of 2008 was the first large design I split and put together using the BFC Method.  So many people have done our large designs successfully!  And they report the process is really easy.  Suz

BFC0683 Peacock


From a past Freebie Contest

Suz I am dissappointed that more folk have not entered this competition as I just love the freebies and find when I want to play just go into my freebie file (yes I do keep them in separate folder,  crazy) and transfer them to the machine and go. I loved the 20’s portraits and used the full set. I made reversible table mats and napkins, black and white  and reversed the thread colours also,  but was so excited giving this gift to my friend  forgot to take the photos. I have made several designs but as there is only one entry per person (entry no 2) I am not entering them into the competion but I though you might like to see them. I  saw your advert in the Designs in Machine Embroidery as my copy arrived today looks good. The sewing bag catches the eye on the corner of the page hope this is successful and you get more customers. Thanks for all the wonderful designs and freebies Anne from Glasgow Scotland

Thank you Anne – I’m always amazed with what some of you come up iwth just using freebies!   Suz

Laura’s Born To Run!

I finished it!!! I think this has more stitches in it than any other combined design I have done thus far.  Thank you for your wonderful digitizing work.  I know no “horse people” so this work will be donated to a local church auction that supports local women’s shelters.

FYI, the label on the back is done on Ultra Suede.  It makes a very classy label, right where you deserve to be!

Have a great day and thanks again.    Laura

Beautiful job Laura!  The church will love it.  I think even non horse people will love this one!   Suz

I’m sorry but I can’t put a link to the designs Laura used.  Joseph Picarella decided he didn’t want any more designs based on his artwork sold even though I paid him royalties on every sale and per our agreement – Suz

John’s method to prevent puckering

I am sending a couple of photos of wall hangings I have done on felt without any puckering. One uses 5 designs to make a large 16 x 23 inch one,   and one uses 6 designs to make a large 12 x 15 inch one.

I only hoop a piece of Stitch n Tear stabilizer by itself, adhering it to the inside of the inner hoop ring with sturdy 2 sided sticky mounting tape. The felt is held in place using a conservative amount of spray adhesive. I use the minimum amount of tension in the bobbin, around 12 – 15 grams and the upper tension just enough to bring the stitch thread to clear the throat plate and let the stabilizer alone drag the thread to the next stitch. When you are done the fabric does not want to return to an original non tension state and remains stable.

BFC1095 Window-Kitten in a Bowl

BFC0831 Window – Vintage Sewing Machine

Sunny’s Kokopelli

Now I need to get a dowel or flat piece of wood, stain it and put a hanger on it.  I used three small dream catchers on some of the hangers.  It turned out to be a big job, but I’m happy with it – hope our friends who live in AZ like it!  Thanks so much for all your advice, Suz.  I did find that on the borders I used a thinner craft batting, and it was much better to stitch together.  I didn’t have any Ultaseude (have you priced it lately?) so I used some suedecloth that I had around.  I used a variegated yarn and couched all the seams because I didn’t think satin stitching would work very well (at 9mm!) — Sunny     (I know what you mean about Ultraseude!…..Suz)



BFC0759 QIH Kokopelli Wallhanging

The Passion of Christ

It took a while to get everything together, but I finished the wall hanging at last!  I ended up using two layers of soft medium weight stabilizer for the designs.  I used a museum binding and have tabs on the back for hanging.  The sashing is a metallic ribbon, so it’s a little puckered.  But, overall, you can see the designs came out lovely!  It really made a nice Easter display.  Thanks for you help and advice!

My next project is the Eagle Owl — a pattern I bought years ago.  I’m focused now, so I’m really excited to get started on that challenge.  I’m even thinking of doing it on balsa wood!


Laura – you did a really beautiful job.  It looks very professional! I’m sure it brought joy to a lot of people.  How is the Owl coming :)??  Suz

BFC1178 The Passion of Christ