Kittie’s Comment

Dear Suz,  Thank you so much  for the beautiful pattern. It’s like I am able to make real ART now.  Also thank you for sending the thread. I like it!  It seem that there is more glittering than other thread. I wish I could buy that thread here in the Netherlands.  Wish you all the best.  Kittie

I’m posting this message from Kittie because it embodies what I have attempted with our designs since 2003 when we started.  Embroidery of any kind is a lot of work, whether it’s done on a machine or by hand.  I feel that anyone that uses our designs deserves to feel they are creating art because that is how we went about making the design:)

Thank you so much Kittie!!!


Sharon’s Tiffany – The Empty Tomb

Finished !!! and am happy with it 😊 I don’t love the picture of it under glass and on a snowy grey day – doesn’t really do it justice – but then we are always our worst critics. I am taking it to Show&Tell at my Embrodiery Group on Tuesday – thanks for such a beautiful design and I had ordered the colours from you as well and I think I had them all except two or three and was able to find close matches. Stay blessed and thanks again. LOL _PS I just looked at it again and is not near as vibrant in the picture  as it is in person😊 Sharon

BFC1972 Tiffany – The Empty Tomb

Laura’s Butterflies

From Laura:

Howdy.  Well, I did it !  I checked another of your wonderful designs off my bucket list.  Heavy on stitches but bright with color, I used Mylar film under the stitches.  I had the film in my stash, but I would not recommend using it with these designs.  The stitching went well, no problems there, but these designs are meant to cover all the background with very little space between the stitches, hence not much room for the mylar to sparkle through.  Even so, I am really happy with how they turned out.   Thanks again, Suz, for your extreme talent with digitizing and color choices.  I just love your stuff!!  Until next time, Laura

From me:  And I sure love what you do with my stuff Laura!!!!  Your projects are always beautiful.  Thank you 🙂

BFC1135 Ching Chou’s Stained Glass Butterfly I
BFC1138 Ching Chou’s Stained Glass Butterfly II

Laura’s Fairy Wildlife Quilt

I love the designs Laura used for her quilt.  They are defnitely fantasy designs with just enough reality 🙂  that’s the way I like my Fantasy!

From Laura:

Howdy,  Just wanted to share a picture of the quilt I’m working on.  Of course the highlights of the quilt are the unique embroidery designs I have been in love with since the first day you posted them for sale.  They are; Fairy Wildlife, parts one, two and three. BFC 1856, 1871, and 1894.  They are wonderful!  I decided to use colored squares to represent land, sea and air animals, green, blue and light blue.  They are all Michael Miller Fairy Frost fabrics, including the copper colored fabricI used to separate the squares.  I actually had all the fabric- yeah for stash building.  I knew someday I would find a use for it.  I still have the backing to put on, { I had to go buy that, bummer}, and the binding to do.  That will be copper, like the trim.  Also I want to give a shout out to whomever it was that thought up “Quick Bias” fusible 1/4 in bias tape. What a time save!  Wish me luck on finishing the quilt.  Thanks a million for the wonderful designs.  My quilt label will give gratitude To BFC Creations for their digitizing of these great designs.

The quilt pattern is my invention.  AS you know, 6 of those 18 designs are horizontal, and 12 are vertical.  That in itself was a challenge. Add to that 10 of one color background, 5 of another and 3 of a third color and it took me a while to figure out placement.  Before I did any embroidery, I cut my fabric pieces larger than I needed, not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with them.  The embroidery designs are 5×7 inches and the fabric pieces were at least 8x 10 inches.  The fabric was too pretty to cut off and throw away, so I came up with the idea to frame the designs with the bias tape and use the whole piece of fabric.  Great idea but hard to execute- lots of measuring and almost exact placement- to make it all line up.  After the fact, I decided it would have been much easier to sew the squares together first, then place the bias tape all at once.  Who knew?  Live and learn.

BFC1856 Fairy Wildlife


FC1871 Fairy Wildlife Part2
BFC1894 Fairy Wildlife Part3

Betty Ann’s Lace Alpha A

This is our free Lace Alpha letter A. The remaining letters are also available to purchase.  I wish all reviews were as detailed as yours Betty Ann!  Thank you…Suz

Hello Suz,

Thank you for introducing your thoughts on the Lace Alpha.

As I watched the stitch out of letter A, I was impressed by detail used in this design and the beauty of the finished design.

I used medium tear away stabilizer in my hoop and floated the top layer material.  For the first colour (white) I slowed my machine to 700 spm,  the second colour (pink) I reduced the speed to 500 spm.  There were no thread breaks or broken needles.  Amazing, I wish all my embroideries were as hassle free as this one.

Kindest regards,  Betty Ann