Tzu’s Kentucky Triptych

I’m happy to say Im finished and even with my boo boo’s I absolutely love it ! my learning curve has taught me several things for my next one . Oh and while Im no where near y’alls level 2 things that greatly helped me and I quickly figured out was 1 while sewing panels of all embroidery together was to use quilting gloves the grip you get is fantastic and it never hurts the embroidery at all making feeding it to your machine a breeze , # 2 while my feed dogs and foot worked together the grip of my foot seemed to ever so slightly misalign my pieces from bottom panel well a teflon foot ( I know supposed to be for leather lol ) stopped all the misalignment hope this helps someone 😉 . Here is my version of Kentucky Triptyc

Great suggestion Tzu!  I’m trying this the next – I have a pair of gloves I never use. 🙂 Suz

BFC1285 Kentucky Stained Glass Triptych


Anita’s Daydreams by Delight

It’s been a long time finishing! Surgery and recovery got in the way. But I’m so pleased with the design.🤩 Thank you Suz Makalinaw for this terrific design. My daughter is going to love it! Had to put glass over it so her kitties don’t destroy it.😉sorry about the glare😶

BFC2010 Delight’s Daydreams, Tiled Designs

Sharon’s wonderful Stitched Dragons

We have recently joined with Delight of Delight’s Fantasy Art to create designs from her art.  Sharon has made a wonderful start with  her stitchouts!  When she posted them on our Facebook group I asked if I could share them here. 🙂

BFC2008 Delight’s Daydreams, Individual Designs

BFC31666 Delight’s Pals – Dragon and Cat


BFC31675 Delight’s The Librarian – Commercial Sizes

Bernice’s Owl

Here is the owl, I basted the T-shirt to the stabilizer so I wouldn’t have hoop burn on the black !  I think embroiders need to realize they can change up the colors too as with the owl, I couldn’t use black for the outlines!

That’s a great hint Bernice!  Color can make so much difference.  Don’t just assume the design you are checking has to be done in the colors shown.

BFC1575 Steampunk Owlbert Einstein

Cathy combines designs for a beautiful jacket!

Cathy combines designs for this white jacket.  She starts with Delight’s Jeweled Dragon and then adds designs from our Red Roses – Black Scrolls set for a very unique, striking piece of clothing!

BFC1354 Red Roses – Black Scrolls

BFC31663 Delight’s Jewelled Dragon



I get a weekly report on the phrases most searched for with  results and those searched for with no results.  I also can go in any time to see the day’s searches, plus over time for many days.  There are patterns that I think I can help with to make your searches more productive.

The successful searches tend to be one or two words at the most.  They also contain a lot of numerical part of our item numbers.  You see our item numbers everywhere – the name of designs, the documentation, etc.  So this is a great thing to use to search.  Type the item number with no additional text – 1905 (a design set) or 2170 a color number.  You might have the tendency to add more info, but search really doesn’t care.  LOL And too much text usually results in a failed search.

  1. 3148 PALEST Lime  × 2  This failed because the name is PLST lime.  All that was needed is the 3148!

The next two have the same problem.  When we switched to our new website, I wanted the item numbers to be as uniform as possible (I create the reports  LOL)  Our first designs from 101 to 999 were missing a chracter compared to 1000-1950,  So I added a 0 before each design number that only had 3 characters.  My reports are easy and look good, but to search properly you need to add a 0 before the numbers.

  1. 529 Ancient Russian Floral  × 2  Should be 0529
  2. 583 -Christmas Stocking I  × 2  Should be 0583
  1. BFC 487 Seed Packets – Veggies and Seed Packets Veggie Pack -all this needed was the 0 – or 0487.  Adding so much text to a serach is more than likely going to prevent the program from finding anything.

This one is painful – so lcose!

BFC0527-06  × 2   The 0527 i perfect, but the -06 which represents the individual design nubmer doesn’t not register withour serach. 

Renee’s Stitching Through the Years

Renee has stitched so much over time!  She found this bunch of photos and sent them to my group. Enjoy!

BFC0521 Window – Deep Woods

BFC0292 Vintage Locomotives

BFC0658 Stained Glass- Orcas

BFC0664 Stained Glass Dolphins

BFC0517 Deer

BFC0664 Stained Glass Dolphins

BFC1469 Large Stalking Tiger

BFC0514 Wolf-01