Carolyn’s Experience with Thread

Carolyn sent me this message yesterday.  I was very pleased and interested in her  in her results!  Thank you Carolyn!

Good afternoon, Suz…I have to tell someone and you are the only person who would know what I am talking about. I recently signed up for a class at my local shop to make the OESD Christmas Village. The first class was Monday and not much was going well. My machine wouldn’t accept the designs, the bobbins weren’t winding well (had to use same thread top and bottom). I was using a Brother NV1600 embroidery only machine, certainly not top of the line but more than sufficient to take to class. So here is where you come in. When I got home, things got worse…I did all the usual…checked the bobbin case, wound the bobbins on a separate device (which I could regulate speed and tension), changed the needle, slowed the stitching speed, checked the plate, etc. After the machine ate the project 2/3 way through 32000 stitches, I went looking for different thread. I found a cone of Admelody that was almost the same color. I ditched the first attempt and started all over this morning. Now, you know how old that thread has to be, but GUESS WHAT!!! Not a hiccup, bump, or pause…only when the bobbin ran low. The designs are stitching beautifully,  my blood pressure has returned to normal and the air has cleared. I am so excited and now looking forward to completing the project. Thank you for having such quality products as well as your designs. You have made my day. The color I am using is 226 and it looks like BFC 2168 is the right one to get, as I am sure I will need more that I have. Thanks again, Carolyn Kenngott Have a great day!!!

Ready for Christmas giving by Bernice

This a shirt from Kmart,  I used my serger to lettuce the edges of the sleeves and bottom.  Mine didn’t get the crystals. I made 11 of them,  blinged the gifts.  Bernice

Not only does the embroidery look great, but i love the edges with the serger!  I’ve known people do this, but I love this shirt – it’s a perfect finish.  I bet everyone loved them!

BFC1272 O Christmas Trees



I’m in Awe!!!!!

Marilynn and I were talking and I asked if  she had any photos of her work I could post.  I was so surprised and thrilled when she sent me these.

In her words:

This is a small sample of the many BFC Designs I’ve done. I give away or sell about 80% of the designs I’ve done over the years. I’ve recommended BFC to lots of others with my same obsession. Keep digitizing please!  Marilynn

It’s going to take me awhile to get all the links for the sets!!!

Thank you Marilynn for sharing so much of your work.


A very sophisticated Bathroom!

Dagmar and her husband do a wonderful job of decorating their home.  So often bathrooms are done in pastels, but this one really pops!  They used our lady for the picture.

…You might remember me sending you a picture of our living room, well here is attached a picture of our bathroom with the lady design we purchased from you.

Everybody likes it. Greetings, Dagmar

BFC1464 Ladies of Elegance – Four Portraits