Two Bugs in a Rug

Over the years I have bought many cat toys that are stored up in the closet while the boys play with the boxes.  I looked at these beds for quite awhile before I finally succomed to what I thought sure was more waste.  But!!!!  It took them about 15 minutes to stick a paw in – like they were testing water.  In an hour Duma was curled up in one and on his way to la-la land.  It took Bronk another hour to try the other one.  The next day they found they could stuff both of them in one bed = one very full bed.  LOL  Since then hey hjave either both been in one or taking a break and each having their own bed.  These beds are worth the money -= they seem to enjoy them, so much!  They are machine washable (if you can get them out of them).

No connection just a very happy cat owner!  Who for once didn’t waste her money. LOL



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