Laura’s Feathers plus…

Thought you would like to see the “mash up”of designs I put together starring two of your designs, The feather with flowers, from design pack, 1787, and the cat eyes from design pack 0763, ‘The cat eyes have it”. I call this pillow top design ” Friend with Feathers”, and it is for a 16 year old foster girl who probably needs a friend.  Thanks for your wonderful digitizing and design work.  You and Fred are truly blessed with your artistic talents.  Merry Christmas from myself and my sewing machine to you and yours.  Until next time, Laura.

Thank you Laura for always doing such a great job with our designs!  I love to see more than one design in a project 🙂 You are so creative!  Suz

BFC1787 Watercolor Feathers
BFC0763 The Cats Eyes Have It

Vicki’s South African Quilt

Spring cleaning my daughter’s home and taking down this wall hanging to give it a good dust . It is one of my most favourite makes , about 11 years old, love these designs from BFC .

I love how this quilt shows how just shades of black  and white can be so much alive! A beautiful choice of fabrics Vicki….Suz

BFC1174 South African Architectural Etchings

Laura’s Cherry Tree

Happy Easter!  You chuckled when I ordered this design, but here’s proof positive that I do love and use the designs I order!  Here’s my take on the Cherry Tree Branch Design, 0528, by Chantell.  It’s a bit whimsical with fantastic colors, 3-D embroidered flowers and 6 lovely little chickadees.  The flowers and chickadees are embroidered on felt, cut out and glued in place to give a dimensional appearance, and each flower has a crystal heat-set in the center.  It’s a happy, quilted and embroidered project that will hang over my living-room couch.  Please forward to Chantell and thank you both for this design.

Until next time,


I love how Laura added the raised flowers!  They change a nice wall quilt into an Art quilt!

CCQ0528 – QI The Cherri Tree Branch Quilt

Linda Sunny’s Dolphins

Under my embroidery needle–made this for hubby — “stained glass dolphins”. 12 panes embroidered and then sewn together to make the ‘window’. Then I sewed it into a pillow. Beautiful design Suz. Over 100,000 stitches. I.NEED.MORE.THREAD. 😉 Came out nice I think. Hope everyone has a great week.

I’m sure hubby loves it!!! Suz

BFC0664 Stained Glass Dolphins

Colleen’s Windows on the World

Hi Suz, finally the finished products!  I’m reasonably pleased with them but of course there are quite a few “off” pieces.  Hopefully these might not be too evident to an untrained eye.   Many thanks for your help with the Italian window. Colleen

BFC0623 Windows on the World – Italy

BFC0614 Windows on the World – Russia

Donna’s Starry Night

Hi Suz!  I finished the starry night.  Had a bit of trouble lining up that last panel so I eyeballed it with a printed template of the design.  As I progressed the fabric and stabilizer did drawn in so I’m thinking metal hooping might not have been the best way to go. However!!!  I managed to get a pretty decent picture and I love it.  Anyway, I put a batik green/yellow border then the background fabric blue to frame it and you can’t tell there were any puckers!!  Only you and I will know there are any mistakes and I’m not telling!!!  This will be a pillow cover for a VanGogh-fan granddaughter.  I think it’s beautiful!

BFC1829 Large Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh