Agnes’ Stitches for her Church

From Agnes:  They brought tears to Monsignor Mitas’s eyes and I never expected that reaction.  When I gave him the Easter one in Holy Thursday, the reverence with which he held the parament was something to be witnessed.  That is how powerful these designs are.


BFC1144 Window-Christ Resurrected

BFC0495 Window-The Nativity

Laura’s Elephants

Laura had a lot of trouble in the beginning getting this design lined up.  But I was shocked when she sent me the photo and it came out so beautiful!  I think she was doing a lot better than she thought. 🙂  Thank you Laura for making my design look so great!

From Laura,

Well, here is the finished product from my almost nervous breakdown!  Thank you again for all your help with BFC 445, Touch of India II.  It’s a “Happy” wall hanging, full of beautiful colors.  I added lots of crystals and unique outline quilting.  The fabric I found at our local quilt shop, Creative Sew Threads, here in Elkhart, Indiana.  I think the fabric complemented the design perfectly.

BFC0445 Touch of India II

I did some closeups so you can see the details.

I like the quilting – you can see some of it better her.

Margaret O’s Undersea Quilt


Thank you for these incredibly beautiful designs!! I expected something wonderful, but they were no less than spectacular! Your contributions to the Embroidery Community are invaluable. I would also like thank you for the thread conversion charts included with the design sets. As someone who has a variety of thread brands, I find them extremely helpful, appreciating the extra time and effort made to include them. I’m eagerly anticipating the thread chart coming soon from BFC. You will recognize designs from Sea Turtle Seascape, Endangered Hawksbill Turtle, UnderSea and Seahorse Fantasy. I used 3 layers of poly batting, feathered at the edges for the center, with single layer for the overall quilt.

Thank you,

Margaret O’

You can find the designs Margaret used in our Aquatic Category.

Suz, Was just clearing out my inbox and happened to think you might like to know more regarding the find of fabric to match the coral. All fabric was from JoAnn’s, except for this one, a Batik found at Hobby Lobby. Fortunately, still have the quilt, so took a better closeup to show the fabric/coral combo. Thank you again for these gorgeous designs!!

Margaret – I just love your quilt!  You combined designs from different sets, found fabric that looked like it was made for this quilt and overall did a wonderful, creative job.  Thank you!  Suz

Judy’s Embellished Lady

From Judy:

My 1st try at embroidery with embellishments. She was so much fun to do. Will definitely be doing more with different ideas

BFC1928 An Embellished Lady


We are currently having a contest in our IO Group focusing on this design.  Judy is our first entrant!  To enter to win prizes and reward points, join our IO group 

You will find instructions for this and our other Contest, Baby Animals, in the Files section of the group.  Thanks – Suz

And thank you Judy for doing such a great first entry!!!

Donna’s Under the Sea

Donna did a beautiful and very decorative Under the Sea Wall Hanging. I asked her about whether she had quilted through to the backing and this is her response:

I inspected and did not do any quilting after I put the backing on. It is loose. There was already so much stitching on the top that I did not do anymore There was fusible fleece under the top when I did all the stitching on it. Donna

I think this is fine for large heavy wall hangings! Especially when you have added things like beads, buttons, shells and crystal. If after finishing you project, the backing seems too loose, just ad a few hand stitches here and there to hold it in place.

Art Quilt – Undersea Fantasy

Sunny’s Gorgeous Asian Quilt

I’ve attached two jpgs of a quilt I made last year for our local quilt show.  It contains a Geisha panel and six Geisha heads from your sets, and on the back is a set of larger Samurai warriors.  It won second place in the wall hanging category!  It hangs with a bamboo rod.


I can really see why this quilt won a prize!


BFC1137 Three Samurai II BFC1136 Three Samurai I


Poppies for a Princess

“I’m an embroidery fan from The Netherlands for 2 years now and finally dare to make one of those fine projects I see on your website.

After learning about embroidery en purchase a machine (Pfaff Creative Vision) and lots of try outs I now finisched a quilt from your site.

I thought maybe you like to see that even in Europe people love your artistic projects.

So here – bye…

Kind regards

Tiny Dobek”

Tiny sent me these photos in April of 2014.  I’ve kept them through all the starts and stops of finding a good way to display our customers work.  Thank you Tiny – you did a fantastic job.  I can’t believe you were just starting to embroider back then!!

Thank you – Suz

BFC0935 Art Quilt Princess Ka’iulani’s Poppies

BFC0935 Art Quilt Princess Ka’iulani’s Poppies

BFC0935 Art Quilt Princess Ka’iulani’s Poppies

BFC0935 Art Quilt Princess Ka’iulani’s Poppies