Laura’s Extra Special Stained Glass Sunflowers

From Laura:program. After my brain was fighting to rearrange a couple of the squares, I followed my own advice then I re-colored some of the individual pieces to blend in with the leaves and background, using fabric markers. I used Mylar film under all the squares prior to stitching and I am so pleased with the results. Thank you again for a wonderful stitching program!



BFC1889 Variegated Sunflowers Stained Glass


I was especially interested that laura used markers.  I’ve done this on my own things but have tended to stay away form samples for the website.  Maybe I should get a little creative!

Thanks for you sharing your beautiful project with us Laura!  Suz

I’ll send you a photo soon cause I did not have the fibers so did something a little different but actually love.

Completion of Stained Glass Floral Triptych. Don’t think photo does it any real justice. Since I didn’t have fibers, I used a lightly molted batik and iris, gold and a light brown metallic in all of the open areas. It sparkles. I’ll send another pix when completed. Jody

I love what you’ve done in place of the fibers on the Floral Triptych!  Very creative and really pretty.   Suz

BFC0772 Window-Mums with Butterflies

BFC1577 Stained Glass Floral Triptych

Connie’s Bags

Here are a couple pictures of my recently-completed bag.  A fellow sewist saw it at the last Embroidery in Motion meeting when I took it for show-n-tell.  She called me a few days later & said she bought the pattern from you because she liked mine so well.   I’m now working on the Kokopelli bag.  I just finished the bag part — very gorgeous.  Now for the lining.  I bought all the threads for that one from you all.  Such gorgeous colors!  The bag will be a gift for my DIL-to-be.  She & my son will be married in September & plan to start a family right away.  So Kokopelli, being a fertility god, will perhaps be of some assistance!

Thanks for great products & greater service!


I hope you have loads of Grandkids by now Connie!!!  Suz

BFC0830 Passion Flower Handbag

Lori’s Wall Hanging

Hello Suz,

Thank you very much for the threads chart, I printed out and get thing ready for stitching.  I am very honor that you post my pictures.

Some of these pictures are a little better than previous one.

The Rock Point Bridge was my very first put together as  a title design.

The New England Charm was my second title design, when I put together I sprayed water at the seams, that make it very soft and pliable, easy to sew.

Thanks again, Lori

That’s a great idea about spraying the seams with water first!  Thanks Lori.

BFC0706 Two Large Horses

BFC0586 Window – New England Charm

BFC0573 Rock Point Bridge Over Rogue River Oregon

BFC0696 Large Roses and Gaillardia

Creative Daughter and Mom!

I purchased your designs and have attached 3 pictures of what I did with them.

My daughter requested that I do a group of rose design(s) on the shoulder moving forward  and another design opposite side at bottom, in which I made a 90 degree corner design.  Just

sharing.  My daughter furnished the tunic top, in which to me is quiet thin… I used the stabilizer X2 in thickness that I place under baby ones’ees for the purpose of non-scratching.  To me still not the greatest.  My daughter (no matter what) will love this. 

Thanking you.

Blessings,  Sandie

BFC1791 Watercolor Wild Roses

Caroline’s Poppies

Hi Suz, I couldn’t wait to embroider your poppies so I’m attaching a picture my version!  They are so realistic looking – you did a fantastic job digitizing them! They get a place of honour in my home! Thanks for an awesome design! Caroline

I love the way you put these together Caroline.  The orange and red border really make them stand out!  Great job.   Suz


BFC1549 Poppies Times Two

Lace Bowl and Seed Packet Quilt

Hi,  Can you please post these pics for me.  This basket was the hardest one I have ever done and as you know I have done a few, why I don’t know.

Also the quilt I finished last night.  love the way you seed packs came out.  They look real.  I will be doing one with the vegie packs and maybe I will use this pattern if I can find some vegie fabric.

Thanks for posting for me.


BFC0345 Lace Bowl & Doily Garden Oasis

BFC0483 Seed Packets – Flowers