Maree’s Gorgeous and so creative quilt!

I was thrilled when Maree said I could post a photo of her quilt! It is now at the quilters. Maree had a hard time finding someone to custom quilt it! They are planning to do it in November. You will recognize some of the sections of our Waratah Window!

From Maree: By the way, the Notre Dame rose window quilt pattern is by  

. I needed to make it in a larger size to fit a king size bed. Thus, I added the embroidery pieces. Finding your waratah and wattle pattern was just perfect. It was an awful lot of sewing and embroidery, but so worth it as I’m very very happy with the results.
I love to see when people use designs in different ways than planned!

Jannie’s new Rose Windows

Jannie chose one of my favorite designs.  I love your colors Jannie!  They totally change the look of the design.

BFC0894 Stained Glass-Art Nouveau Circle in a Square

Jannie also stitched our Italian Rose Window.  These two are a LOT of stitches!!!!  great accomplishment.

BFC1159 QIH or Reg Italian Rose Window

Coleen’s Rose Window

Hi Suz, finally completed the 29 pieces. I did change a couple of things which may be useful to others too. I was able to purchase heavy weight black stabiliser/ interfacing, one side adhesive which helped. Also med.weight black stabiliser for sewing out. This meant that when the satin stitch edge was carefully cut neither is evident. Also used a little fray stopper around the edges for loose small frays on the edge. I put a small circle of adhesive Pell on in the centre as the curves were a little crinkly, and was able to quilt these pieces to smooth out a bit.

A challenging work but pleased with the result.

Would you tell me if YOU  digitised the design so that I can acknowledge your work when/if I am able to enter it in Canberra Quilter’s exhibition. It might not be til next year with the current corona virus situation.


Great idea about the black stabilizer!

BFC1243 Waratah Rose Window

Renee’s Rose Window

Renee made the Jumbo size of our Rose Window.  That is an accomplishment!! – especially with 6 Grandkids helping!!!!!! 🙂

From Renee:

I am so happy with it and it is hung up behind my embroidery machine. A new machine Babylock Pathfinder, that really was put through it’s paces.

Feel free to share on your blog, I hope it helps others. I have used the Command hangers in my kitchen to hang items on the tile was hoping they made what I was needing just had to do a search.

I babysit 6 of my Grandkids so was a little slow in getting this done 3 year old triplet boys for one of my daughters, and then a 6 year old granddaughter and her 2 brothers who are 3 and 1 for my other daughter. Life sure is busy 😊

My idea worked! I used a Command hanger and handstitched a thread loop to the back.

Thank you  so much for another beautiful design


BFC0879 QIH and Regular Rose Window

Embroidery on Wheels!

I was totally amazed when Lola sent me pictures of some recent embroideries.  We often have preconceived ideas of how embroidery can be used and forget to think beyond those boundaries.  I will try to never do that again!!  Wonderful creativity Lola.

BFC1243 Waratah Rose Window

Lola also made some great seat belt covers:

I love the way she used designs from the above Rose Window and added to them.