Renee’s Rose Window

Renee made the Jumbo size of our Rose Window.  That is an accomplishment!! – especially with 6 Grandkids helping!!!!!! 🙂

From Renee:

I am so happy with it and it is hung up behind my embroidery machine. A new machine Babylock Pathfinder, that really was put through it’s paces.

Feel free to share on your blog, I hope it helps others. I have used the Command hangers in my kitchen to hang items on the tile was hoping they made what I was needing just had to do a search.

I babysit 6 of my Grandkids so was a little slow in getting this done 3 year old triplet boys for one of my daughters, and then a 6 year old granddaughter and her 2 brothers who are 3 and 1 for my other daughter. Life sure is busy 😊

My idea worked! I used a Command hanger and handstitched a thread loop to the back.

Thank you  so much for another beautiful design


BFC0879 QIH and Regular Rose Window

Embroidery on Wheels!

I was totally amazed when Lola sent me pictures of some recent embroideries.  We often have preconceived ideas of how embroidery can be used and forget to think beyond those boundaries.  I will try to never do that again!!  Wonderful creativity Lola.

BFC1243 Waratah Rose Window

Lola also made some great seat belt covers:

I love the way she used designs from the above Rose Window and added to them.