Sonya’s Wreath for her office

I am very intrigued by this wreath and have been as possible before purchasing. Do any of the files associated with the leaves  and/or flowers suggest the use of mylar as well? I looked at the size charts and  see the number of thread colors and just wasn’t sure. I saw where mylar is a
possibility on the autumn wreath.

I have never used mylar to embroider with before and thought it might be  fun! I want to do something unique for my interior office door.
I wanted to share. I used your creations and changed some colors and added a butterfly, bumble and ladybug. This going up on my office door at work. You can bet down the road I will be getting the Fall and Christmas wreaths as well!

Thank you!

Sonya – I love the 3 additions you made!!! They really make the wreath pop.  thanks so much for such a great job-Suz

BFC1450 FSL Floral Wreath or Centerpiece

Pat’s Napkins

Pat stitched a bunch of great napkins using various designs. Just love this koi from BFC Creations…Pat

BFC2019 Siamese Fighting Fish

BFC1226 A Dozen Mushrooms

BFC0352 Columbines

From Bernice 

Suz created these from my photos several years ago! Because I tried digitizing them and couldn’t get them right. I grew hundreds of these at my home in Erie, PA. As I have said before, she has a gift for digitizing. Her shading is spot on. We are lucky to have her.

Donna’s Starry Night

Hi Suz!  I finished the starry night.  Had a bit of trouble lining up that last panel so I eyeballed it with a printed template of the design.  As I progressed the fabric and stabilizer did drawn in so I’m thinking metal hooping might not have been the best way to go. However!!!  I managed to get a pretty decent picture and I love it.  Anyway, I put a batik green/yellow border then the background fabric blue to frame it and you can’t tell there were any puckers!!  Only you and I will know there are any mistakes and I’m not telling!!!  This will be a pillow cover for a VanGogh-fan granddaughter.  I think it’s beautiful!

BFC1829 Large Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Laura’s Christmas Presents!!

Laura produces so many beautiful projects.  She’s been concentrating on getting Christmas presents done.

Ta-Da! Matching design shirts for daughter-in-law and granddaughter.  Thanks so much for this delightful design.

BFC31690 Our Sweet Owl at Christmas

Happy Holidays!


Just wanted to show you my pillow..The orange coloration of this dragon looks beautiful against the eggplant colored  faux suede.  I used your variegated thread, Creamsickle, to sew on the 1/4 inch bias trim, and thought that would be the name I would choose for this dragon.  One Christmas present done, just a couple more to go.  Hope you had a joyous Thanksgiving.  Thanks, Laura

BFC31692 Delights Amber Dragon in 5 sizes

Two out of three Christmas presents, done. Yeah!  I love this kitten.  It makes me smile whenever I look at it.  I hope it will do the same for my friend, Evelyn, in assisted living.  She loves cats.  I recently gave her an embroidery I did of your Large Mountain Lion, and she loved it.  She grew up in Wisconsin and her father used to train dogs to hunt the big cats.  It brought back great memories for her.  I’m hoping this kitty will bring back much gentler memories.

I did this embroidery on black velvet, with the knapp going up.  It was much darker that way.  I backed it with black, fusible fleece and used a tear-away stabilizer, and a size 14 top-stitch needle, no problems at all.  Until next time,

Thanks a bunch, Laura

BFC1095 Window-Kitten in a Bowl

Good Morning, it is a good morning, indeed.  I finished my “Christmas present sewing project list”, and wanted you to see the finished project.  I am naturally not a quilter, I love clothing making and embroidery, however at times I do break my own mould and do some simple quilting.  Here is an example.  I had all the fabric, not bought at the same time, and they went together beautifully.  Yeah for stash-building.  I had ferns in mind when I chose the fabric.  Your fern program, BFC505 was just the ticket!

Because the fabric was pieced and quilted to batting and I used a pretty substantial stabilizer, I used a size 14 top stitch needle.  However I started having loops show up within the stitching on both the top and underneath the design. I believe the large fern frond has about 39,000 stitches, and they are small, so I thought the needle might be too large for the small stitches.  I changed to a size 12 top-stitch needle and nary one more loop formed.  We live and learn.

Although the violets in the design were a freebee from years ago, and I know not where it came from, I believe your ferns are the star of the show.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

BFC0505 Ferns and Flowers

I really love the fabrics in this pillow!!! Suz

Thank you Laura for all your wonderful work


Mandy’s gorgeous Delight pillows

Cushion finished today… stitched on velvet
The sky is glitter velvet. The mountains are glitter fabric.. my first bfc design
Finished tonight ..
used variegated thread for the dragon
Design frame is ribbon
Stitched onto velvet
Finished tonight ..
used variegated thread for the dragon
Design frame is ribbon
Stitched on to velvet