Laura’s Butterflies

From Laura:

Howdy.  Well, I did it !  I checked another of your wonderful designs off my bucket list.  Heavy on stitches but bright with color, I used Mylar film under the stitches.  I had the film in my stash, but I would not recommend using it with these designs.  The stitching went well, no problems there, but these designs are meant to cover all the background with very little space between the stitches, hence not much room for the mylar to sparkle through.  Even so, I am really happy with how they turned out.   Thanks again, Suz, for your extreme talent with digitizing and color choices.  I just love your stuff!!  Until next time, Laura

From me:  And I sure love what you do with my stuff Laura!!!!  Your projects are always beautiful.  Thank you 🙂

BFC1135 Ching Chou’s Stained Glass Butterfly I
BFC1138 Ching Chou’s Stained Glass Butterfly II

Sunny’s Feline Zodiac Pillows

My oldest daughter loves kitties (and has two), and she needed new pillows for her couch.  Just finished Feline Stare and Sagittarius Cat pillows with modern backs.  They are 18 inches square, with pintucks and FMQ circles. Everyone at the quilt club loves them!!! =-= Sunny

I think anyone that saw them would love them!  You are so creative Sunny. 🙂



Laura’s Feathers plus…

Thought you would like to see the “mash up”of designs I put together starring two of your designs, The feather with flowers, from design pack, 1787, and the cat eyes from design pack 0763, ‘The cat eyes have it”. I call this pillow top design ” Friend with Feathers”, and it is for a 16 year old foster girl who probably needs a friend.  Thanks for your wonderful digitizing and design work.  You and Fred are truly blessed with your artistic talents.  Merry Christmas from myself and my sewing machine to you and yours.  Until next time, Laura.

Thank you Laura for always doing such a great job with our designs!  I love to see more than one design in a project 🙂 You are so creative!  Suz

BFC1787 Watercolor Feathers
BFC0763 The Cats Eyes Have It

Nancy’s Large Starry Night by Van Gogh

It is finally finished.  I moved the machine over the ¼ inch and held my breath.  Other then the one spot on the left side it looks fine. Think I will look for fabric with a wood grain and create a frame around it and hide that spot.

Nancy is referring to the lower left square.  There were some problems, but she got it stitched.  Great job Nancy 🙂

BFC1829 Large Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Dana’s First BFC Project

Hi Suz!

I  have finished my first bfc project and i want to share with you and your followers  how  delighted i am about the result.

I want  to thank you once again for being so kind and change the size of the embroidery because i ordered firs a wrong one .

All the best to all of you!

Very Creative Dana – I love it……Suz

BFC1592 Backgrounds – Jungle Leaves

Cheryl and Sally King’s Shoes!

From Cheryl:

Here is my photo of your Sally King shoe. There were 12 of us at the retreat and I stitched a different shoe for each one, matching the shoe to the participant’s likes. It was fun. I also stitched the label for the back.

This is a great idea – made to hang over a doorknob.  I bet the people at the retreat loved them!  Suz

To see all of Sally’s shoes:


Vicki’s South African Quilt

Spring cleaning my daughter’s home and taking down this wall hanging to give it a good dust . It is one of my most favourite makes , about 11 years old, love these designs from BFC .

I love how this quilt shows how just shades of black  and white can be so much alive! A beautiful choice of fabrics Vicki….Suz

BFC1174 South African Architectural Etchings