Colleen’s Windows on the World

Hi Suz, finally the finished products!  I’m reasonably pleased with them but of course there are quite a few “off” pieces.  Hopefully these might not be too evident to an untrained eye.   Many thanks for your help with the Italian window. Colleen

BFC0623 Windows on the World – Italy

BFC0614 Windows on the World – Russia

Anita’s Daydreams by Delight

It’s been a long time finishing! Surgery and recovery got in the way. But I’m so pleased with the design.🤩 Thank you Suz Makalinaw for this terrific design. My daughter is going to love it! Had to put glass over it so her kitties don’t destroy it.😉sorry about the glare😶

BFC2010 Delight’s Daydreams, Tiled Designs