Jan’s Safari Toy Bags

Used the Safari Series to make toy bags.  They are drawstring bucket bags and fully lined:  the original has a clear plastic window on one side and the embroidery on the other.  Had to re-engineer it to accommodate the height (Toy Bag 2.0) Parents like to use them for stuffed animals because stuffies are dust collectors, or to take favorite toys to Grandma’s house.  In later years they can be used as laundry bags.  Your Safari Series worked perfectly and these bags will be very popular.  Jan

This is a super idea Jan!!!!  So many designs could be used depending on the child or the parents wishes!  Suz

These designs can be purchased individually or in a combo set.

BFC200068 Safari Series Combo

2 thoughts on “Jan’s Safari Toy Bags”

    1. Hi Diane,
      Thanks for the comment. Sorry I didn’t see it until this morning – I won’t even blame the holiday season, it was just me moving on to other things. The toy bags are hugely popular with parents (neat & tidy) and children (designs). I’ve given away at least 5 dozen! If you are hoping to attempt a similar project, feel free to contact me if you have questions (j.taylor123@rogers.com). If you’ve already made some, I’d luv to see some pics.

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