Velda’s been busy!!!

It was a lot of fun to get Velda’s email with all her projects.  Here is her words:  “I’ve been working on some tile scenes that are my favorite.  I love your work!  I will say Winter Peace took  me 3 tries.  I embroidered it twice.  Finished it 3 times.  It’s important to square everything as you go.  Learned that the hard way. Velda”

They are all beautiful Velda – you did so much work on them!! 🙂

BFC1504 Approach of the Kings – Complete

BFC0593 Window – Sunflowers and Finches
BFC0573 Rock Point Bridge Over Rogue River Oregon
BFC0496 Window – Poppy Fields
BFC0783 Window – Four Seasons – Winter Peace




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