Sharon’s Hummingbirds

FINISHED !!!!! Still not sure if I will make a pillow or frame it. For my first attempt I am pretty happy with it and first time really doing design positioning. I usually just place fabric and hope it works. I do have a new Husqvarna Designer RUBY 90  that I have never truly put to use so actually used it to move the design in the machine for the last three designs. So thank you for helping me keep my brain active in these days. I wondered if you could take a quick look and see if the first two are lined up as much as they should be? I was so intimated doing them and wasn’t really sure what I was doing – lol – and one more question what stabilizer do you use? I thought I had read “tear away” and I used that but not sure it was strong enough. I usually use a poly-mesh? and just leave it in the design? am wondering as certainly by the end of the tail I have puckering ? I wouldn’t ask you so many questions except I think I will try another one and maybe use your idea of mirroring for pillows !  Thank you again for your patience and your responses – for sure am telling both my embroidery groups of how helpful you have been. Have a blessed Easter weekend, Sharon

I’ve posted all of Sharon’s questions because i think a lot of us have questions like these on new designs.  I’ll answer for the stabilizer.  I would recommend a medium tear away sticky stabilizer.  I started using this after i had done this design and i love it for so many things.  I use the Weidner brand.    Suz

BFC1202 Ching Chou’s Hummingbird

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