Sonya’s Wreath for her office

I am very intrigued by this wreath and have been as possible before purchasing. Do any of the files associated with the leaves  and/or flowers suggest the use of mylar as well? I looked at the size charts and  see the number of thread colors and just wasn’t sure. I saw where mylar is a
possibility on the autumn wreath.

I have never used mylar to embroider with before and thought it might be  fun! I want to do something unique for my interior office door.
I wanted to share. I used your creations and changed some colors and added a butterfly, bumble and ladybug. This going up on my office door at work. You can bet down the road I will be getting the Fall and Christmas wreaths as well!

Thank you!

Sonya – I love the 3 additions you made!!! They really make the wreath pop.  thanks so much for such a great job-Suz

BFC1450 FSL Floral Wreath or Centerpiece

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