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7/8/2008 – 12/7/2020

7/8/2008 – 12/7/2020

12/14/2020     Bronk – we can’t believe you’re gone.  You have brought so much joy and light to every part of our world.  Just three weeks ago you were tearing around the house, voicing your opinion on everything and snuggling tight with Duma.  You got sick so quickly and we couldn’t let you suffer.  The way we stared at each other right before, I know you understand.  You looked at me like you are looking in the picture right above.  Your stare always went right through me.  About a year ago you learned how to communicate.  Food was a big part of your life – you loved to eat.  You would come and bounce around in front of me until I thought to ask if you were hungry.  You would then go running to the kitchen.  Then one day you looked up at me and made a different kind of meow sound than you had before.  I asked if you were hungry and staring right at me you meowed again.  My trip to the kitchen had you rubbing around legs in circles as I walked.  You were never much into touching your people and i was thrilled.  We learned to *talk* to each other.

Being very close to your wild ancestors, you had many wild characteristics.  You were always on alert, checking for the predators hiding behind the chair and the things that only cats can see.  You were taking care of us.

You did one thing I never had a cat (or other animal) do.  I called it your Room service.  I started noticing your favorite ball in an empty food dish.  If there was more than one empty dish it was in the flavor you liked best.  I started hiding the ball to see if it was coincidence or you were putting it there on purpose.  Sure enough, you started using the ball to let me know to fill it up just about all the time.  The next place I found the ball, was near the litter box.  The routine became you would do your thing, place the ball near the box and then let out a jungle cry that could be heard throughout the house.  The only thing I could come up with was you wanted me to clean it.  When I went back to *obey* you sat watching me and turned as soon as i was done and went about your day.  A couple of years ago your ball was replaced with toys, feathers, any of your properties.  This was because you ate one of your balls.  This required a trip to the vet hospital and surgery which neither of us liked.  We hated to remove all the balls, but we had no choice.  You used to put them in your food dish and eat around them.  That is how one accidentally ended up as lunch.

Duma really misses you too.  You’ve been together for 12 years and it’s hard for him to know what to do with himself.  I wish I could see you both like this again:

Bronk – this is one of the hardest things we’ve had to go through.  I will probably return to talk to you again….Suz


12/18/2020  In some ways I feel I just saw you…in others it seems the world is going so slowly.  I know time will help the hurt and I want to get past this point!  I miss you so much.  I wake at night and listen for your howl as you patrol your territory.  Or I hear a slight noise and turn to look.

I think Duma is finally really feeling you aren’t going to return.  He’s been sleeping way more than usual, eating too much or too little, following us and chirping at us constantly when he’s awake.  I feel so bad for him.  I will reach out today to find ways to help him through this.  There must be something I can do.

Losing you as we did made me realize the vagaries of life will never settle down.  We have to learn to shift with them…this is where true strength is.  I am going to concentrate for 2021 on how i can best give back to the life I’ve had and how to reach out to others to offer help.  And Bronk, you will always be in my mind and heart.


12/19/2020  I came across this picture and I had to share.  Typical Bronk!


I’ve been working on an embroidery design of you, Bronk.  Here it is to date:

12/31/2020  It is finally the last day of the year, Bronk.  So much of this past year has been so difficult, but not seeing you any more is the worst for me.  I love looking at the picture above that I’m using to create a design.  It is so much your personality- always looking up for the next best thing you can find.  The picture above has you standing on the ironing board looking up and out the sky light.

I love you….

1/7/2021  It’s a new year Bronk – I so wish you were here to explore and play and enjoy life.  I received a very special gift from a special friend today.  He sent it to me because of you and it means so much.

We’re trying hard to take special care of your buddy who misses you very much.  It’s so hard when we can’t explain why you aren’t here to snuggle with him.   Both of you boys are so beautiful and so special.  I’ve been gathering all the photos we have of you and Duma on our computers and there are hundreds!  I’ll post really special ones here.

Our sweet innocent kitties:

Good bye for now, my furry little person.

12/17/2021  Many  people have expressed how much you will be missed.  One lady has saved all the pictures posted of you and Duma and loves to look  at them.  I still look through your photos every day.

Bronk – I still can’t believe that you aren’t here anymore.  I thought by now I would at least have accepted that.  But I haven’t.  Duma is missing you so much too.  I can’t make up for the brotherhood and attention you gave him.  Everything happened so quickly we had no time to prepare ourselves.  I thought of you as still very young the way you tore through the house, leaped to the top of the huge cat trees, and learned new things every day.  I can’t believe my two beautiful boys are only one beautiful cat now.

I will always love you.

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  1. I’m sorry about Bronco Billy – I lost my Sammy last year (16 years) and still think about him.

  2. I purchased the Van Gogh starry night software design and have the a majestic hoop so I can stitch out large designs without having to combine them. I am still learning about the Viking software but wonder if the “commercial” listing for BFC Creations will allow me to stitch out the whole thing or do I need to learning to position each of the design portions? Love the designs.

    1. Hi Louise – if your machine can stitch 11 x 8.8 inches. (the size of the commercial design) you can stitch it all in one hoop.

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