Margaret O’s Undersea Quilt


Thank you for these incredibly beautiful designs!! I expected something wonderful, but they were no less than spectacular! Your contributions to the Embroidery Community are invaluable. I would also like thank you for the thread conversion charts included with the design sets. As someone who has a variety of thread brands, I find them extremely helpful, appreciating the extra time and effort made to include them. I’m eagerly anticipating the thread chart coming soon from BFC. You will recognize designs from Sea Turtle Seascape, Endangered Hawksbill Turtle, UnderSea and Seahorse Fantasy. I used 3 layers of poly batting, feathered at the edges for the center, with single layer for the overall quilt.

Thank you,

Margaret O’

You can find the designs Margaret used in our Aquatic Category.

Suz, Was just clearing out my inbox and happened to think you might like to know more regarding the find of fabric to match the coral. All fabric was from JoAnn’s, except for this one, a Batik found at Hobby Lobby. Fortunately, still have the quilt, so took a better closeup to show the fabric/coral combo. Thank you again for these gorgeous designs!!

Margaret – I just love your quilt!  You combined designs from different sets, found fabric that looked like it was made for this quilt and overall did a wonderful, creative job.  Thank you!  Suz

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