Laura’s Stained Glass Horses

Howdy.  I wanted to show you my finished project.  I absolutely love the variegated thread stained glass designs and finished the embroidery  a while ago.  I just couldn’t decide on how to frame it.
As I was hunting through my fabric stash, I ran across this piece of wood-grained print that I had previously used on one of your Green-Man designs  It matched perfectly, and the clean lines of this type of framing really compliment the stained- glass look.. I’m ready for another variegated thread project-hint-hint-hint!.  BTW, this is stitched on white felt overlaid with a iridescent mylar film.  It really glissens.  Thanks for making me look good with all your wonderful digitizing!  Laura

Great idea using the white felt with the mylar!  I think we too often forget how great felt is for stitching.  Beautiful picture Laura,  Suz


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