I’m in Awe!!!!!

Marilynn and I were talking and I asked if  she had any photos of her work I could post.  I was so surprised and thrilled when she sent me these.

In her words:

This is a small sample of the many BFC Designs I’ve done. I give away or sell about 80% of the designs I’ve done over the years. I’ve recommended BFC to lots of others with my same obsession. Keep digitizing please!  Marilynn

It’s going to take me awhile to get all the links for the sets!!!

Thank you Marilynn for sharing so much of your work.


3 thoughts on “I’m in Awe!!!!!”

  1. I would like to know how big I’d the stained glass quilt with the Orcas. I looked but I could not find the size 8×10 seem too small.. thanks. Vilma

  2. Hi Vilma, The sizes are on the page. I’ve copied them here for you:
    The medium size shown below is 18″ x 9.7″ (designs only – not including fabric borders and the large size is 21.2″ x 11.4″. You receive full instructions for creating your Stained Glass project.


  3. Hi! What a fantastic collection! Congratulations and well done!!

    I was wondering about the foo dogs she has embroidered. I looked for those on the BFC site but could not find them. Any help would be appreciated, as always!

    Best wishes,

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