The Passion of Christ

It took a while to get everything together, but I finished the wall hanging at last!  I ended up using two layers of soft medium weight stabilizer for the designs.  I used a museum binding and have tabs on the back for hanging.  The sashing is a metallic ribbon, so it’s a little puckered.  But, overall, you can see the designs came out lovely!  It really made a nice Easter display.  Thanks for you help and advice!

My next project is the Eagle Owl — a pattern I bought years ago.  I’m focused now, so I’m really excited to get started on that challenge.  I’m even thinking of doing it on balsa wood!


Laura – you did a really beautiful job.  It looks very professional! I’m sure it brought joy to a lot of people.  How is the Owl coming :)??  Suz

BFC1178 The Passion of Christ

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  1. Laura. The passion came out Beautifully.My name is David and I’m interested in purchasing one like it for my easter basket cover.We put food in a basket and on good saturday the priest will bless the food so on easter sunday morning we can finally eat.When I seen this embroidered cloth I thought it would make a wonderful cover replacing the one I have with a embroidered cross.Could you help? Thank You David

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