Anniversary Squares

Hi Suz,

I have so enjoyed doing these squares and loved each and every one of them … thank you ever so much.

I finished putting this all together last night and though it isn’t perfect (arthritic hands etc. ) its my project and I love it.

Appreciate you doing this for us.

Love and hugs Rosemary

I’m not very good at doing pics and hope they come out so you can see what I did.

Hi Rosemary – They look beautiful!  What a great idea.  I like the gold fabric with them and that is a really pretty quilt hanger! 

Thank you for your kind words, I just so enjoyed doing these squares and couldn’t wait for the next one to appear, you probably didn’t see it but in each square I used a metallic thread and it looks great.

I can almost wallpaper my home with wallhangings!!! Each one having their own personality!!!

Bless you and look forward to our next project.

Love and hugs Rosemary

One thought on “Anniversary Squares”

  1. Hi!
    I see that your wonderful metallic thread is on sale and i thought that you might like to see a little project I use your silver metallic thread on. A clutch purse embellishment. My first time using metallic thread.

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