2 thoughts on “Framed for my own house!”

  1. The window/garden scene by Genene “Framed For My Own House” caught my attention and has inspired me to explore finishing a project I started many years ago. I live in Southern California and in a mountain community near my home is a very special Iron Garden created in the 1950’s by a couple on their own property. My mother used to take my brother and I there when we were small. About six years ago I re-visited the place and took a lot of photographs. I had them printed on cloth, but have not done anything with them yet. I did write a short story about the garden and my memories of our visits. I use Photoshop and Illustrator in my artwork. This quilt, along with the new release of the Garden Children designs which I signed up for the subscription, gave me the idea of how I can incorporate the children into my existing photos of parts of the garden. The “Garden Quilt Combo Set” post also prompted my thinking for additions to my photographs. I am just now recovering from a year of illness and this will be a wonderful way to help me get back into stitching. Thank all of you for sharing your beautiful projects. I will post my progress.

  2. I love the actual window wood frame you made, it really sets the picture. I would like to suggest that someone ??? could make a tutorial on how to make such frames!! Big suggestion I know but some people do like a challenge.

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