QIH Peacock Paisley Bag

From Michael:

“I’m working on you Paisley Peacock Bag for my wife.  Your pictures do not do justice to the beauty of the embroidery design.  Scan the embroidery rather than taking a photo.   BTW I gave you this tip a few years ago, so pardon the repetition.  (I remember Michael!  We could do the same with large images but everyone would complain about them loading so slow…Suz) If you blow up the jpeg you can see as much detail as you would with a magnifying glass.  As you can see, I need to practice my free motion satin stitching and need to remove more jump stitches.. Mostly I used Sulky equivalents of your colors, but I added metallic accents and the eye filaments are done with # 2243 green/purple/gold variegated thread.”

BFC0756 QIH Peacock Paisley Bag

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