The 12 Days of Christmas

“Attached are pics of my 12 Days of Christmas quilt.  It was suppose to be finished for Christmas but I ran into problems with my embroidery machine threader and it had to go to dealer.  Also, I had a problem with the trees being too dense and the thread breaking but with a little patience I was able to complete it.

The design blocks were of a gold fleck cotton on which I used my Digitizer program to stipple around the designs in gold metallic thread.  The coordinating backing and red border also have gold metallic in them.

On the back I created a label with information to, for and date. I think you will find the quilt pleasing.    Carolyn”

The 12 Days of Christmas Combo Set

NOTE FROM SUZ:  The trees are dense and especially on a background of more than one layer of fabric.  I recommend just slowing down the machine during the tree areas.

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