The 12 Days of Christmas

“Attached are pics of my 12 Days of Christmas quilt.  It was suppose to be finished for Christmas but I ran into problems with my embroidery machine threader and it had to go to dealer.  Also, I had a problem with the trees being too dense and the thread breaking but with a little patience I was able to complete it.

The design blocks were of a gold fleck cotton on which I used my Digitizer program to stipple around the designs in gold metallic thread.  The coordinating backing and red border also have gold metallic in them.

On the back I created a label with information to, for and date. I think you will find the quilt pleasing.    Carolyn”

The 12 Days of Christmas Combo Set

NOTE FROM SUZ:  The trees are dense and especially on a background of more than one layer of fabric.  I recommend just slowing down the machine during the tree areas.

Contributing Photos

I would love for you to feel free to send me your BFC projects.  You can send them to  Send whatever size photo is the best for you and send as many photos as you want.  I will post them all or choose what will look best.  Also I would love if you could write something about making the project.  It could the fabrics you used, whether you changed the colors, why you made the project – even problems you had that you were able to overcome!