Diane’s Review

I want to thank you for all you do for your customers.  I have been with you for years.  I can say 2010, but it may be longer than that.  Your site is one that is at the top of favorites.  Ordering and receiving the designs is quick and easy, which for me in the beginning was very important.  Not understanding computers, your site was one I chose to help me and yes, they did.  They didn’t make me feel like a stupid idiot, but talked me through the questions at a level I could understand.  I always knew when I finished a session, the information I learned would be in my brain and that made me very happy.

Now, the designs.  OH YES, the designs are wonderful and I know when I download them I will have designs I can work with.

Please know I love your site and look forward to each time you post.  I may not be able to purchase every time being retired, but when I can I definitely.

Sending you Warm Hugs and Prayers from a quilter of 65 years, owner of a quilt shop for 10 years and an instructor in knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting and help with just about any needle work problem.

Thank you again for all you do.  Enjoy and have a wonderful Mothers Day.


I ran rescue for 18 years. My hubby ran for 15, we taught EMS classes in the evening.  Hubby is a Retired Air Traffic Controller.

Thank you Diane – I have enjoyed our interactions too over the years!!!! Suz

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