Margaret O’s Undersea Quilt


Thank you for these incredibly beautiful designs!! I expected something wonderful, but they were no less than spectacular! Your contributions to the Embroidery Community are invaluable. I would also like thank you for the thread conversion charts included with the design sets. As someone who has a variety of thread brands, I find them extremely helpful, appreciating the extra time and effort made to include them. I’m eagerly anticipating the thread chart coming soon from BFC. You will recognize designs from Sea Turtle Seascape, Endangered Hawksbill Turtle, UnderSea and Seahorse Fantasy. I used 3 layers of poly batting, feathered at the edges for the center, with single layer for the overall quilt.

Thank you,

Margaret O’

You can find the designs Margaret used in our Aquatic Category.

Suz, Was just clearing out my inbox and happened to think you might like to know more regarding the find of fabric to match the coral. All fabric was from JoAnn’s, except for this one, a Batik found at Hobby Lobby. Fortunately, still have the quilt, so took a better closeup to show the fabric/coral combo. Thank you again for these gorgeous designs!!

Margaret – I just love your quilt!  You combined designs from different sets, found fabric that looked like it was made for this quilt and overall did a wonderful, creative job.  Thank you!  Suz

Margaret O’s Hipster Dog Quilt


You had asked that I send pictures of the Hipster Dogs quilt, so here they are. The quilt is a birthday gift for a 27 yo, representing dogs in his life through the years. Unfortunately, colors in the photos are very poor. Actually a bright, true red. Thank you for such an adorable set.

Margaret – I think this is such a wonderful idea!  The concept could be used for many things that people want to remember.  You’ve added so many great personal details like the dogs name, the little red square, etc.  Fantastic job!

BFC1315 Hipster Canines Filled


Gorgeous Jackets!

Dear Suz ,

The design 834 has pleased us very.  We have tried a jacket with these patterns to design

Is it nice we have succeeded?  Here are the pictures of our jackets are

We’re always looking for new designs from BFC

Good evening, dear

Eva and Utchen

Dear Eva and Utchen – I love your jackets!!!!!  they are gorgeous.  I’m sure your friends are very impressed when you wear them.  Thank you so much for doing such a great job with the designs.  Suz


BFC0834 Lovely Geisha Series – Set I

Mark’s Taste of Italy!

Mark finally got his Windows of the World Italy framed and hung. He wanted me to send you a snapshot so you could see he actually got it done.

Anyway, Mark is a happy man now and he wanted me to share his ‘joy’ with you.


Zoom image

BFC0623 Windows on the World – Italy


Susan’s Three Portraits

Hi Suz

I finally completed and delivered the 70th birthday present to Davids Mother (shown holding the picture). While I cursed Fred a few times (every time I had to change the thread for less than a minute of sewing – one of the pictures had 46 colour changes) while stitching, the end results were well worth it, and I am very pleased that I did not edit some of the shading out. I also mentally apologised to Fred after completing the three inidians!!! Everyone felt that Fred did a marvellous job, he is really talented. Some of the shading was so subtle, but if it wasnt there, it would not look so good (David has just made the comment that the designs are like a really good sausage – the end result is marvellous but you dont want to know what went into it). Davids mum would be interested to know if  the Navajo Medicine Man is a specific individual like the other two, or is a generic picture, and if it is a named individual please could she have the name, she wants to put the names on the back of the picture.

David is now considering that he has lost his orchid bag, but I have assured him that as soon as I get a cat bag done, he will get the orchid bag back. Davids mother wants a green orchid bag for christmas, so I will be making yet another one (my third). Due to two floods in the house, I have not managed to get Davids orchid plaque done (and the show he was getting me to do it for got cancelled)  but I am hoping that now I have disinterred my sewing machine and embroidery unit (at the back of the sewing room, and there was half the affected bedrooms furniture in front of it – the rest of the furniture was in the lounge) I will be able to get it stitched. As soon as I stitch it I promise I will send a photo.

Regards Susan

BFC0348 Native American Portraits

Patricia’s Horse and Stained Glass Pillow

Hallo suz,

I want to let you see what I have made with the patterns from BFC.  For the magazine stitch@home

Only the black horse is from Dakota  With the bag I have made a gaucho skirt. The magazine is coming out this day.

I hope you like it.

In next mail I send you what I have made my own design also in the magazine.

Greetings Patricia from Holland

This message was from 2009 but when I came across it I wanted to show it! Patricia does loads of great projects.

And another project from Patricia!  I put it on a embroider site and I have already got 120 mails about is.

BFC0894 Stained Glass-Art Nouveau Circle in a Square


Laura’s “Frost on the Pumpkin”

In this case there really is Frost on the Pumpkin:

I wanted to show you my latest finished project.   This is a door decoration for a friend of mine in assisted living.  My mission in life is to add a bit of color to her really colorless life right now.   I told her I would make her a new piece of art work for every changing season. Of course, your design is wonderful, and to give it my own touch, I glitterized it with holographic fabric paint.  Sew, in actually, there is now frost on your pumpkins!  Thanks again for everything you and Fred do.  Until next time,



This is a great way to showcase a wall hanging on a door.  You make one too.  A strip of fabric the color of a branch, (twisted and tied), a real branch, an artificial branch – there are lots of options.  Great job Laura.

My Mixed Media Experiment



I’m fascinated with mixed media art but have little time to delve in the way I want to.  But I decided I would just do one!  It has a steampunk theme since I had a lot of things I could use in my stash and I really love steampunk.  LOL

I had some canvases that sat sadly alone by my desk waiting for me to use them so I used one for my project.  I was happy with it as it had depth (its canvas stretched on a wood frame) but wasn’t as heavy as a piece of wood would be.  Its 9.5 inches by 10 inches so not so big that I might not finish it but still enough to put lots of things on it.

My next task was to find things to put on it.  I searched every drawer that might have screws, bolts, etc.  I also checked my jewelry pieces drawer.  And the thing I really wanted to see if I could incorporate was Free Standing Lace (FSL).  I have quite a few pieces – you can use any leftovers, even pieces that might not be *perfect*. The FSL can add a lot of texture to your project.

I hope you will have fun following along and creating your own one of a kind masterpiece!

Laura’s Stained Glass Horses

Howdy.  I wanted to show you my finished project.  I absolutely love the variegated thread stained glass designs and finished the embroidery  a while ago.  I just couldn’t decide on how to frame it.
As I was hunting through my fabric stash, I ran across this piece of wood-grained print that I had previously used on one of your Green-Man designs  It matched perfectly, and the clean lines of this type of framing really compliment the stained- glass look.. I’m ready for another variegated thread project-hint-hint-hint!.  BTW, this is stitched on white felt overlaid with a iridescent mylar film.  It really glissens.  Thanks for making me look good with all your wonderful digitizing!  Laura

Great idea using the white felt with the mylar!  I think we too often forget how great felt is for stitching.  Beautiful picture Laura,  Suz