Laura’s Steampunk Hats

Thought you would like to see what I did with your Steampunk Hats.  My twin 12 year old twin grandsons just  moved into a new home and for the first time have their own bedrooms.So i made them each a housewarming gift.  The rust color is Fairy Frost.  I’m not sure of the brand of the map fabric. I really like how the two fabrics work together. I love how the maps go so well with the steampunk theme.  Thanks so much for your unique designs. …..Laura

You  are very welcome Laura!  You won my heart with these delightful wall hangings.  I too love the fairy frost with the map print.  It gives a very vintage, but bright look.

BFC1740 Steampunk Hats

Judy’s Embellished Lady

From Judy:

My 1st try at embroidery with embellishments. She was so much fun to do. Will definitely be doing more with different ideas

BFC1928 An Embellished Lady


We are currently having a contest in our IO Group focusing on this design.  Judy is our first entrant!  To enter to win prizes and reward points, join our IO group 

You will find instructions for this and our other Contest, Baby Animals, in the Files section of the group.  Thanks – Suz

And thank you Judy for doing such a great first entry!!!

Diane’s Review

I want to thank you for all you do for your customers.  I have been with you for years.  I can say 2010, but it may be longer than that.  Your site is one that is at the top of favorites.  Ordering and receiving the designs is quick and easy, which for me in the beginning was very important.  Not understanding computers, your site was one I chose to help me and yes, they did.  They didn’t make me feel like a stupid idiot, but talked me through the questions at a level I could understand.  I always knew when I finished a session, the information I learned would be in my brain and that made me very happy.

Now, the designs.  OH YES, the designs are wonderful and I know when I download them I will have designs I can work with.

Please know I love your site and look forward to each time you post.  I may not be able to purchase every time being retired, but when I can I definitely.

Sending you Warm Hugs and Prayers from a quilter of 65 years, owner of a quilt shop for 10 years and an instructor in knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting and help with just about any needle work problem.

Thank you again for all you do.  Enjoy and have a wonderful Mothers Day.


I ran rescue for 18 years. My hubby ran for 15, we taught EMS classes in the evening.  Hubby is a Retired Air Traffic Controller.

Thank you Diane – I have enjoyed our interactions too over the years!!!! Suz

Alta’s Snowy Egret

From Alta:

I did this one for me!  I stitched out the nest and twigs twice.  Once directly on fabric then again on tulle so it would be dimensional.  Free motioned the tulle pieces on top of original on fabric for thickness.  Let one twig hang out at bottom!!!  Then cut out a bunch of leaves and ironed them on like you had done! Wrapped finished scene around a canvas wrapped  picture frame from Michael’s!

This is absolutely gorgeous Alta.  I love the idea of stitching the branches twice.  That method could be used for so many things.  A really beautiful picture of the Egret. Suz

BFC0686 Snowy Egret

Alta’s Art Nouveau Stained Glass

When I asked Alta if I could post her project photo, she replied:

Yes!  I would be proud to share it!  The money plant came from my garden!  Lynn, my daughter-in-law, had never seen one so I made her a bouquet!  Vase belonged to my Grandmother!  They have cathedral ceilings in their dining room so this was quite at home on that high wall! She has given me permission to have you share it!!!

I think this project looks stunning!  Alta, you did a beautiful job stitching and putting this project together and the frame you chose is perfect.  I can imagine a lot of people stopping to admire that place in your daughter-in-law’s home.




REVIEW of BFC1360 Large Pheasant

From Nelissa:

This was the first design I ever bought from BFC and the first ever of this size in all my years of embroidering. It did not disappoint!! How gorgeous and detailed! The layers of colors, as if bringing the pheasant to life! The instructions were clear and easy to repeat, even for my first time of rehooping within a design. The stitching is museum worthy!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!!! I give this design 1,000,000 stars!!

Thank you so  much Nelissa – I’d love to see a photo your your embroidery. Suz

The set: BFC1360 Large Pheasant

REVIEW of BFC1726 Large Venetian Mask II

From Rhonda:

Rating: 5

Review: I love this design. It took me awhile to get the courage to sew out as I thought it would be difficult but it was very easy and the instructions are easily followed. It sewed out beautifully and I have framed it and it hangs on the wall near my kitchen so I can look at it every day. Absolutely LOVE it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’d love to see your picture Rhonda.  I get excited when I see someone accomplish something they think will be difficult!   Suz


The set: BFC1726 Large Venetian Mask II

Laura’s Extra Special Stained Glass Sunflowers

From Laura:program. After my brain was fighting to rearrange a couple of the squares, I followed my own advice then I re-colored some of the individual pieces to blend in with the leaves and background, using fabric markers. I used Mylar film under all the squares prior to stitching and I am so pleased with the results. Thank you again for a wonderful stitching program!



BFC1889 Variegated Sunflowers Stained Glass


I was especially interested that laura used markers.  I’ve done this on my own things but have tended to stay away form samples for the website.  Maybe I should get a little creative!

Thanks for you sharing your beautiful project with us Laura!  Suz

Regina’s Gorgeous Grape Bowl

Regina really wanted to stitch out this bowl.  But she  had troubles right at the beginning.  The bowl Center was missing a bunch of stitches.   This set was originally  done in 2005.  All the bowls sold very well back then so I was amazed there was a problem with one of the designs.  I don’t think I was a big help at first, but we eventually fingered things out.  I reconverted the design to PES and it has worked fine since.


Two Bugs in a Rug

Over the years I have bought many cat toys that are stored up in the closet while the boys play with the boxes.  I looked at these beds for quite awhile before I finally succomed to what I thought sure was more waste.  But!!!!  It took them about 15 minutes to stick a paw in – like they were testing water.  In an hour Duma was curled up in one and on his way to la-la land.  It took Bronk another hour to try the other one.  The next day they found they could stuff both of them in one bed = one very full bed.  LOL  Since then hey hjave either both been in one or taking a break and each having their own bed.  These beds are worth the money -= they seem to enjoy them, so much!  They are machine washable (if you can get them out of them).

No connection just a very happy cat owner!  Who for once didn’t waste her money. LOL