Sheer Tulip

“I was hoping this would work as an applique using glitter.  It was very hard to trim away the excess glitter.  For me it works fine and I will have to clip several of the friskies showing in the photo.  Can hardly see them in person.

What I did was fuse fabric to the back of the glitter then went on as usual.  I assume if I had used the design on something, trimming would be easier.In person, it really is a lovely design and glad I tried it as an applique.



BFC1651 Sheer Tulips

Lexie’s Quilts

*Thank you so much for the lovely embroideries that you give.

Thank you for the BFC 10,000 member free designs, and the BFC 11th Anniversary free designs.

l promised you that l would send the quilt made with the 11th Anniversary designs, l am also resending the 10,000 member. l have put a few close ups the designs are so pretty and the colours show how pretty they are.

These are Vicki Purnell’s  quilt designs.

Regards, Lexie*

BFC1458 Celebrate Spring


BFC1416 11th Anniversary Set

Large Embroidered Tote

From jc:

“I made this 24″ x 36″ 4 compartment tote to transport my wall hangings.

The handles are over 5 feet long and have a continuous embroidery design on them — Both the top and bobbin threads are continuous; no cuts or pieces.”

I LOVE Tote bags and use them for many things.  (that will be a tutorial later on) but I hadn’t thought of making one large enough for wall hangings.  I think this would be a great way to store our embroidered pictures when they aren’t gracing the walls.  You could hang them on hooks int he back of a closet or a similar space.  It would keep them clean and neat.  You could even make totes for different types!  I might add a zipper if I was going to use them for storage to make sure the embroideries didn’t get dusty.

This would be a great way to practice doing large designs too!  If there is a little *boo-boo* somewhere it wouldn’t matter and you would have very interesting Embroidery Tote bags!

Great Project jc!!!!

Velda’s been busy!!!

It was a lot of fun to get Velda’s email with all her projects.  Here is her words:  “I’ve been working on some tile scenes that are my favorite.  I love your work!  I will say Winter Peace took  me 3 tries.  I embroidered it twice.  Finished it 3 times.  It’s important to square everything as you go.  Learned that the hard way. Velda”

They are all beautiful Velda – you did so much work on them!! 🙂

BFC1504 Approach of the Kings – Complete

BFC0593 Window – Sunflowers and Finches
BFC0573 Rock Point Bridge Over Rogue River Oregon
BFC0496 Window – Poppy Fields
BFC0783 Window – Four Seasons – Winter Peace




A wonderful Sewing Worktable

SueP of my Yahoo group told us about her new table!  It sounds and looks wonderful.

SueP: “My new sewing room is now done. Hubby finished his part of the cutting table tonight.  I still have some touch-up painting to do on it then I can start to unpack and sort all the supplies into the 35 new drawers. It is 93″ long and 42″ wide. I can’t wait to work on it”

Sandy: “What type of wood did your husband use to make the table? I had thought of getting some type of pressed board to make a large sewing table. I’m not sure of what it is called, but it is the size of plywood (4’ x 8’), but denser and heavier. I didn’t know if it would sag in the middle due to its length.”

SueP: “Thank you. Yes, you are describing the material he used. He built a frame under both top and bottom with 2×2 & 2x 3 lumber. Like you would build a wall. The legs are not adjustable; but we measured the height that I wanted to work at. It is slightly higher than a standard counter. He then laminated it with a smooth product used for making kitchen counters. I bought the drawers at WalMart.”

A Mermaid Bag

From Karen:  “I just finished  a bag  I have  been  designing     On what  fun      Thought you would  get a  kick  out  of  it    The embroidery is  done on black  velvet    The colors are what II saw last  time  I saw them  ggggggggg”

BFC0114 Women of Fantasy

Great Bag Karen – perfect for the tow ladies – the Mermaid and the Model!


I’ve always had a soft place in my heart for this mermaid.  I did her in Dec, of 2003 – I started the website in Nov. of that year so I was still very new to all of this.  I remember how excited I was when I discovered I could make her tail sheer .  LOL  I was afraid someone would be offended so back then I added something about if they  would prefer, the tail could be stitched two or three times.