Dagmar’s Pillows

Dagmar does a lot of beautiful work and she told me about her pillows.  I think theloepard pillow is especially interesting.  Compare it to the actual design and you can see how different the colors are.  And what a wonderful feeling they give the design!  I can see a desert/jungle/ etc awash with all kinds of colors.  She did a great job with Sally Kings Lady too.

BFC1401 Sally King’s Green Man Series Lady Autumn

BFC1002 Safari Series-Leopard


Design on the leg of a Pair of Jeans

“Here is a picture of a design I put near the ankle of my Niece’s jeans.  It is the current free design BFC30826MD.  I used a cut away stabilizer because the jeans had some stretch in them, and BFC thread which I, and my Babylock machine love both for quality and price.  I opened the inseam, used a #12 sharp needle and had no problem stitching through the flat fell seam.  My niece said she got several compliments from her co-workers last casual Friday.

Thanks, Barb ”


PLEASE NOTE: This design is available from my regular BFC Product and Sales Newsletter.  I’m suppose to put up a new free design every month, but I tend to miss a month or two and then put up a bunch 🙂  I’m due and I’m determined I will get some more up this week.  If you aren’t a member of the Newsletter you can sign up on our Home Page:  https://bfc-creations.com/  Just scroll down until you see subscriptions on the Left menu.    ….Suz

Elly May of Ricks’ Gang

“Rick, can’t thank you enough.

Will enclose photo of Caitlyn’s card that I have done this morning as had a major leg operation last Wed and not sure it has worked so needed something to take my mind off the pain.

It took me 90 min to embroider and used Echidna cotton for grey and King Star for the colour.  Hope you like my finished Elly Have also added the insert to show the finished card.

Once again, so many thanks

Heather ”

Elly May Elephant

Cat Tent

I’m sorry I didn’t take any photos as I was making this, but I will try to explain best I can. I took a piece of fleece and cut out the base. I had a small memory foam bathmat and I used this as a pattern so I could put it inside when the tent was done. I cut two pieces of the fleece. I took some high loft poly fill and laid this in the center of one of the base pieces. I stitched all around the base about a half inch in from the edge.

I thhen measured around my base for the length of the next piece of fleece I would cut. I hung my tent from a hook in the wall in the arch over the alcove. It will also hang and work fine from a hook on a flat wall ( I had tried that just to move it around). I used one of those no mark hooks and so far it hasn’t budged! I decided how high I wanted the sides of the tent and used this for the other measurement on my piece of fleece. So I cut one piece:
length around the base by the desired height.

I stitched this piece around the base I had made. I placed the wrong side of the base along the edge of the side piece and stitched. The seam was inside the tent and doesn’t show. And by using fleece, there was no reveling. I started and stopped the stitch at the center of the base as this would be their flap.
I folded over the flap and pinned it. I then took some big pleats along the top edge to make it small enough to add a hanger. I stitched these pleats from the inside and trimmed the seam allowance.
I then folded the tent together and stitched across the top. This could be done from the inside so the seam won’t show. I stitched a heavy ribbon to make a loop to hand from my hook.

After sprinkling a little bit of catnip in the center of the tent it was ready for its occupants. They spent a LOT of time in this during the winter! I’d often see two little faces at the doorway.

You can of course add some cute cat designs to really make this a custom tent!

Please feel free to ask any questions as I know it’s hard without picture as I went along!



Poppies for a Princess

“I’m an embroidery fan from The Netherlands for 2 years now and finally dare to make one of those fine projects I see on your website.

After learning about embroidery en purchase a machine (Pfaff Creative Vision) and lots of try outs I now finisched a quilt from your site.

I thought maybe you like to see that even in Europe people love your artistic projects.

So here – bye…

Kind regards

Tiny Dobek”

Tiny sent me these photos in April of 2014.  I’ve kept them through all the starts and stops of finding a good way to display our customers work.  Thank you Tiny – you did a fantastic job.  I can’t believe you were just starting to embroider back then!!

Thank you – Suz

BFC0935 Art Quilt Princess Ka’iulani’s Poppies
BFC0935 Art Quilt Princess Ka’iulani’s Poppies
BFC0935 Art Quilt Princess Ka’iulani’s Poppies
BFC0935 Art Quilt Princess Ka’iulani’s Poppies

Sheer Tulip

“I was hoping this would work as an applique using glitter.  It was very hard to trim away the excess glitter.  For me it works fine and I will have to clip several of the friskies showing in the photo.  Can hardly see them in person.

What I did was fuse fabric to the back of the glitter then went on as usual.  I assume if I had used the design on something, trimming would be easier.In person, it really is a lovely design and glad I tried it as an applique.



BFC1651 Sheer Tulips