About Photos

I’ve been looking for a long time for a good place to post all the great photos we receive.  I’ve put some on Pinterest, some on our Yahoo Group, but nowhere they are all brought together.  That is my goal with our blog.  I’m starting with the most recent I have received just because it is easier the way I have filed them.  Please feel free to email your photos!  suz@BFC-Creations.com

Big Cat Pictures

Cheryl has done 3 beautiful Big Cat pictures.  I love the way she has framed them!  They look so professional.  From Cheryl ”

G’day again Suz , More incoming big cat designs. Hope this isn’t clogging up you email I have some others if you would like to have a look but I don’t want to be a nuisance . Cheers  Cheryl” She can clog up my email any day with projects like these!

BFC0564 Window-Snow Leopard
BFC0668 Window-Jaguar

BFC0596 Window-A White Tiger